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Focused on delivering a high-quality educational experience in a compressed format, Lipscomb brings value to your investment in furthering your education. As a leader in Middle Tennessee, as well nationally recognized for our broad, well-rounded program offerings, you will be exposed to issues surrounding greater organizational, industry and regulatory context and will allow you to extend your thinking and build upon your current skill set.

Learn the ins and outs of today’s industry problems through hands-on projects in-and-out of the classroom, and discover ways to contribute to these issues. With a roster of qualified and dedicated faculty, as well as an intentional Christian community behind you, you can earn your degree in one of today’s most rewarding industries. As technology is advancing, so can you! Learn more about one of Lipscomb’s unique offerings in data science, information technology and software engineering, today!

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Data Science

As the advent of information technology brings tremendous opportunities for industry, it also brings increasing complexities of the digital economy and challenges to enterprises. Become part of the solution, by engaging in a master’s of data science at Lipscomb. As Tennessee’s first full-fledged data science degree, gain an understanding of foundational aspects of data science including info structures, statistical analysis and decision modeling, research methods in informatics, big data management, data mining and more. Develop best-practice knowledge and current methodologies to make businesses more dynamic as you acquire skills to aggregate and analyze disparate types of data, as well as recognize patterns and trends within this data. Become both a leader and one of the most sought-after professionals in a variety of industries, today!

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Information Technology

As information technology continues to rise in popularity, so does the increasing complexities of our current digital economy. Lipscomb is seeking to combat this issue by prepare the next generation of executive, managerial, and computing and information technology professionals through its master’s in information technology. Here, you will gain the skills to create, plan, organize, lead and control the information technologies in your organization. You will also learn best-practice knowledge and current methodologies needed to succeed in the workplace. Through hands-on learning opportunities, collaborate with other students, faculty and professionals to find solutions to industry problems. Prepare to stand out by having a broad background and specialized knowledge in information technology. We are here to help!

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Software Engineering

Designed to equip professionals with a strong foundation of theory, best-practice knowledge, current methodologies and emerging technologies and their applications, Lipscomb’s master’s in software engineering stands out. Through an academically rigorous curriculum that encompasses software engineering processes, architecture, design, construction, evaluation, maintenance, evolution and more, our program has what it takes to get you to where you want to be.  Build up on your current experience and develop the communication and presentation skills in a team-based software development environment. Become the leader you were born to be by continuing your education at Lipscomb, today!

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