Each Thursday morning, Lipscomb University offers several breakout chapel opportunities for students to listen to speakers, worship and be filled with truth.

Derek Young, left and Lorena Djuknic

One of these chapel opportunities is the Business Chapel that happens each week in Stowe Hall, Room 108 of the Swang Business Center.

Week-after-week, speakers who represent a true servant-leadership spirit in the business world, a world that is typically controlled by money and politics, speak to Lipscomb students about how their faith helps keep them grounded.

One particularly special guest speaker was Derek Young, a motivational speaker and trainer, who spoke to the Lipscomb Business Chapel in September 2014.

God first, others second and dreams third, he shared. Young caught my intention by emphasizing guidelines necessary to become the best possible version of oneself:

God first, others second and dreams third, he shared.

Since then, this has become my personal mission statement. I have since written it down on a post-it note and have placed it above my desk at work, and I refuse to start my day until I read it and remind myself of what is most important for me. It has become my daily nugget of wisdom.

Move the light from yourselves, and put it on other people.

By simply doing this, it is amazing to see how much we can learn from others.

Give flowers to people, before they die.

He encouraged us to tell people how incredible we think they are, and how much we appreciate them.

As soon as Young finished his speech, I rushed down to the front to shake his hand and thank him for the words of wisdom that he shared with us that day. I told him I was blown away by how humble and kind he was.

It was very evident how Young cared about each student’s life, aspirations and questions, rather than simply receiving thanks.

While speaking with him, Young challenged me to look deeply in my life and my calling. He helped me to see life from a different perspective, while finding true meaning in making other people happy.

To listen to Young’s speech visit: www.lipscomb.edu/business/archive/detail/15/28632

Although this particular chapel was very influential for me, I had no idea at the time that this would not be the last time I was encouraged by Derek Young.

In February 2015, six months after Young’s phenomenal speech at Lipscomb, I received an email from Young asking me to provide feedback on his speaking, training and coaching skills.

Without thinking I recorded a thank you video, explaining how I appreciated him coming to Lipscomb to share his wisdom. I wanted to put his advice to tell people how incredible they are and how much they appreciate them, into action.

Fast-forward to one year later, when I received a Facebook message from Young personally invited me to be part of an exclusive book review for his first book he is currently writing.

This book review was a closed event for only eight participants, and it was held at the Laurel Brooke Subdivision Clubhouse.

Upon arriving, I was given a printed copy of the book to read within a designated period of time.

After we were finished reading, Suzi Earhart, a customer experience executive that works closely with Derek Young, led the group through a moderated group discussion. Earhart asked us a series of questions about our interpretation of the book, and as a group, brainstormed ideas to help the book reach more people.

It was such an honor to support Young, and I am very excited for the final version of this book to be released in the near future!

I am grateful Lipscomb University provided me the opportunity to meet and listen to Derek Young two years ago because he has become somewhat of a mentor to me. The way he carries himself through business and encourages others is truly inspiring.

For more information on Derek Young visit: www.derekyoungspeaks.com/about.html


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