Executive Education

Spark prepares executives for new challenges in a complex world.  Combining thought leadership from faculty and practitioners curated across the globe, Spark delivers experiential learning designed exclusively for executive education.  


CEO Connect

The premier executive leadership program taught by Nashville’s top CEOs. The curriculum is built around nine executive leadership themes:

  • strategic decision making 
  • navigating change and challenge 
  • self-awareness and courage 
  • becoming an authentic leader 
  • cultivating high-performance teams 
  • global and cultural competency 
  • building a culture of integrity 
  • driving vision and purpose 
  • ensuring accountability 

A small cohort is selected from applicants to maximize group dynamics, learning and networking. The program includes an opening day retreat and dinner with CEOs and a closing celebration dinner. For testimonials, click here. For past CEO participants, click here.

The 2019 program starts in September. You can register here: CEO Connect Registration

For more information on this program download our brochure: CEO Connect PDF

Business With Purpose

Honoring local companies and individuals who have exemplified integrity and purpose through practice.

The annual Business with Purpose Awards is sponsored by the Hilton and Sallie Dean Institute for Corporate Governance & Integrity at Lipscomb University and honors local companies and individuals who have distinguished themselves through business practices based on integrity and purpose.

A luncheon is held in honor of the year's finalists and winners, with sponsorship proceeds supporting student scholarships at Lipscomb University, the work of the Center for the Public Trust and its Student Chapters, the work of the Dean Institute around the world in encouraging companies, both large and small, to develop cultures of integrity and to use the current best practices of good corporate governance.

Hundreds of executives, community leaders and students attend the event, featuring a well-known guest speaker.


For more information on the Business with Purpose Luncheon you can download the brochure here.

For more information on the Dean Institute you can visit their page at: https://www.lipscomb.edu/dean-institute


Personal growth and development always follows spiritual investment. Take this holistic, spiritual journey with other female CEOs. PURSUIT was created to encourage and build up Christian CEOs. You have been uniquely blessed with a platform of influence, providing incredible opportunity with immense responsibility and pressures. PURSUIT provides a community for sharing, transparency and discovery.

To learn more about Pursuit, visit the Pursuit page.

On Living and Leading Well  -

A deep dive for men

Why are we here?

How do you define success?

What does a life well-lived look like? 

Can work and purpose be connected?

From such questions proceed more questions about the sorts of habits, dispositions, and practices which best facilitate a purposeful life. Designed for men in mid-career, these are the questions that will be explored from ancient philosophy and scripture. Lee Camp is delighted to share with you not only his research, but his own experience of recovering renewed joy, purpose, and integrity in my life and work.

Learn more by visiting the On Living & Leading Well page.

Open Enrollment Programs

Spark is your leadership training resource for high potentials and emerging leaders who want to make a difference. Classes are offered 3 times a year: fall, spring and summer. Here are some of our most popular offerings:

  • DISC personality profiles for leaders, teams and sales
  • Thriving in Generational Conflict
  • Resume & Interview Bootcamp
  • Emerging Leaders Program
  • Driving Sales Performance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Healthcare Communications
  • Design Thinking and Innovation Strategies
  • Presentation Skills
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills



Custom Programs

If you are tired of sitting in the classroom, our specialty is experiential learning. 

Most CEOs are not satisfied with their corporate learning and development as it does not deliver any measurable ROI1. This is because most training delivered without adapting content to the context of your company. NOT SO WITH SPARK! Spark deploys The Performance Gap Indicator assessment which measures an organization's "gaps" across five key performance areas:

  1. Culture - The written and unwritten set of values, beliefs and behaviors which determine how your company's employees interact with one another, with customers, and with vendors.
  2. Operations - The process, systems and procedures required to consistently conduct your business at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Leadership - The direction, clarity, and accountability which inspires and empowers others to reach the vision.
  4. Learning - The process of providing leaders and teams to the tools, time and guidance to master their responsibilities based upon your company's stated performance standards.
  5. Service - The ability to consistently exceed customer expectations which generates repeat and referral business by providing exceptional service.

Spark guarantees it's training with measurable ROI! By deploying the PGI before and after each training we:

  • Collect anonymous employee feedback - Providing a safe space to create honest dialogue. Straight talk and trust are the staring points to improvement.
  • Gain clarity and focus - No more gut reactions. Knowing exactly where to focus your resources.
  • Leverage leading key performance indicators - Non-financial KPIs are the leading indicators of business success. Learn to leverage what makes a difference. 
  • Identify high-impact opportunities - Execute with laser precision. Compete at a level the competition doesn't even know exists.
  • Take immediate action - Consider the PGI as triage for your business. Identify your "Urgent Action Required" issues.
  • Measure improvement and ROI - Quantify results and verify progress to confirm performance improvement.

1 Why Leadership Training Fails - and what to do about it, Michael Beer, Magnus Finnstrom, and Derek Schrader, Harvard Business Review, October 2016.

Learn more about some of our past Custom Programs


Company performance begins with your people. Get anonymous, authentic, and actionable people analytics with Spark's Performance Gap Indicator. Program development is based on data to ensure program ROI with follow up pulse surveys to track performance growth progress. Available online and mobile friendly, it's the easiest way to get real data from your people about your company.

The only on-demand employee survey platform that measures 5 Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators for success.


For more information, contact Michael Winegeart, Executive Director of Spark.