Spark is Spark is

Successful businesses never stop growing, and successful leaders never stop learning. Great companies never stop working on the problems they face, and healthy companies invest in development.

Spark is Lipscomb University’s answer to humdrum, business-as-usual meetings, development programs, leadership training and more.

You feel it the minute you walk in the door at Spark. The energy, the hospitality, the environment that encourages free-flowing thought and learning with the technology that supports good work.

Born of the university’s knowledge of learning processes and environments, Spark translates these tried and true academic strengths into a remarkable twenty-first century creative learning environment. In fact, we use it ourselves for a variety of graduate education programs. Let us put our experience and success to work for you.

A space that sparks creativity.

At its most basic, Spark is an excellent choice for meetings. Of any size. For any purpose.

Reserve a single studio or the entire space. Wherever you are in the concept, Spark is designed to fully integrate people with architecture, furniture and technology to create both community spaces and private studios. Walls are moveable, furniture is flexible—the space can become what you need it to be, even include your own logos and other brand identity.

Grab a cup of coffee and make yourself at home with colleagues or guests in open, relaxed conversation spaces. Then step inside a private meeting room for more directed work.

Move furniture to suit you for a meeting or change it midstream. Write on walls created to keep good thinking flowing. Access the location’s superior audio and video conferencing, wireless connectivity, interactive white boards, and digital presentation displays.

Seamless support services.

Good meeting planners know that as they put together a stellar meeting, there are some fairly mundane needs that simply must be met. A technology expert a few feet away when you need one rather than located on the other side of a large complex servicing dozens of other events.

The Spark staff is a seasoned group of meeting planners who will help you with all the details of your meeting, based on your goals, and are at the same time competent in the small things that create high ratings at a meeting. This includes providing meals that meet your attendees’ requirements, providing organic juices and healthy snacks and drinks. Taking care of quick photocopying, making sure Post-Its® of all sizes are plentiful, that pens and pencils and markers are close by, producing forgotten writing pads and other implements as quickly as if they were there all along.

Frankly, the Spark staff is really not a “staff”; they stand as your private concierge resource that can respond in minutes to an unexpected food request,  transportation issues for guests, accommodations and restaurants for out-of-town attendees, unexpected medical emergencies, to name a few. Yes, they are there when you need them; invisible when you don’t.

A unique hotel partner.

Noelle is an experiential hotel and creative gathering place for adventurous people seeking a true Nashville encounter. It is more than a place to lay your head; more than a building, bar, restaurant or event space. Noelle is an encounter—a carefully considered experience that immerses guests in local culture, and brings them face-to-face with the warmth, creativity and delightful unpredictability that make Nashville, Nashville.

Built in 1930, Noelle came of age at a time when downtown Nashville was experiencing a boom of new hotels, department stores and local characters aplenty. With Printer’s Alley at her back and the glow of Broadway just a block away, Noelle has long been at the center of the hustle and bustle that fuels this eclectic city. Now in its second act, this famed hotel has risen once again to take on its role in Nashville’s rich narrative. Today, Noelle serves as a gathering place for some of the city’s most interesting voices and makers as it continues to contribute to the spirit that makes this place so unique.

200 Fourth Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37219