Leadership and Public Service

Master of Arts in Leadership and Public Service

You have the passion to change the world.

We’ll help you gain the skills and know-how to do just that. 

You see the challenges that we face in our communities and our world and you want to do something to make a difference. But you know that passion is not enough. 

Lipscomb University’s Master of Leadership and Public Service program helps you to take your passion and actualize it into powerful action. Our professors have the academic knowledge and the practical experience to help you become an effective change-maker in the public arena. 

This one-year intensive program places you in a cohort of scholars who travel into the world to grow as servants of the public good.  We use Nashville as our primary laboratory – exploring the ways this growing city grapples with issues from traffic to affordable housing. We gather in the nation’s capital to study the Constitutional framework of our democracy and learn from some of the most powerful people in Washington. We immerse ourselves in Detroit – one of the nation’s most challenged and inspiring cities – to consider the complexities of poverty, race, and money. We explore ourselves – our own strengths and vulnerabilities – to ensure that we can sustain our energy and help others to gain theirs. We build foundational skills with courses in leadership, communications, and conflict management.  

The College of Leadership and Public Service is proud to house a Master of Arts in Leadership and Public Service. This Master's is preparing emerging professionals, like you, for service in both your community and your industries.   

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