Helping Your Student Create a Professional Advantage


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Helping Your Student Create a Professional Advantage

Parents and families can help students navigate the questions they often have about their future. Students may come home questioning their major or so excited that they have discovered a career that is the right fit. Your support, encouragement, and advice may be very helpful as they plan their future. The Career Development Center suggests three ideas that would help your student prepare for a professional career. 

1. Informational Interviewing- Students are more confident in their career planning when they fully understand the career they are preparing for. Informational interviewing allows students to gain a better perspective on the day-to-day responsibilities of a career. It also introduces them to careers they never knew existed. By connecting them to friends or family you may know, you will help them be more confident in their decisions. Informational Interviews can be done via phone, email, or in person. They usually include 5-10 questions about  a profession. 

2. Structured Experiences-  The Career Development Center teaches two classes in the spring to help students be prepared for a professional career. Both classes are taught on Wednesdays at 2pm.

  • Personal and Career Exploration is a course designed for the freshman and sophomore student who is discovering career options. CRN: 21122.
  • Professional Advantages is a course for juniors and senior Liberal Arts & Science majors to help them with their professional development and prepare them for the professional job search. CRN: 21123

3. Take Initiative- Students who take initiative to explore careers and connect with professionals are almost always happier and more successful. Your student may be nervous to do something that is outside of their comfort zone, but it will reap benefits. From part-time work experiences to internships and job shadowing, taking initiative is a foundational skill that successful graduates share. Be an encouragement to your student and make an introduction for them when needed. Remember the Career Development Center is always a good first step.