Summer 2019 Global Learning


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Summer 2019 Global Learning Opportunities

We're excited to announce that Lipscomb is offering several faculty-led study abroad opportunities for summer 2019! 

Studying abroad during the summer allows students to either catch up or get ahead academically in a fun, interactive learning environment. Students who are interested in participating in one of the programs listed below can learn more about the programs and apply online at

  • Faith and Science in Italy (Engagements course; 3 credit hours); May 18-28
  • Biblical Worldview to Israel (Bible or Engagements credit; 3 credit hours); May 11-25
  • International Business and Engineering in Germany (6 credit hours); May 6 – June 1
  • International Business to London (3 credit hours); May 5-10
  • Food Chemistry in Italy (Bible & Chemistry courses; 6 credit hours); May 29 – June 27
  • Business as Missions to Jamaica (3 credit hours); May 5 – June 1
  • The EU & You (LJS program; 3 credit hours); May 11-21
  • Theatre to London (3 credit hours); May 13-23
  • Music to Italy and England (6 credit hours); May 5-28