2018 Welcome Letter- Josh Roberts

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Josh Roberts HeadshotThe highlight of the summer for Lipscomb’s Student Life team has been our many opportunities to meet new students and their families.  We have been reminded of the passion and care that parents continue to pour into their students during the transition to college.  Your partnership and involvement is one of the great keys to Lipscomb’s success.  We know that parents have been praying about these college years since before their children were even born – and we know that your prayers have extended far beyond just your own child.  We are grateful to be the beneficiaries of decades worth of parental prayers.  We have a front row seat to the way that the Lord is answering those prayers - seeing your children be bold and creative, meeting faithful and challenging mentors, discovering new talents, and experiencing life in new and rich ways.  Our goal is for each student to not only have a rigorous academic experience that prepares them for their careers, but also for them to meet the Lord in life-changing, real ways. 

Our team has faith that God is always at work “for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28 NIV).  We believe that your child has been called to Lipscomb for good works.

As our students work to discover the person God intended them to be, it is important to us that everyone feels a sense of belonging and readiness. Everyone at Lipscomb belongs. We are deeply proud to have your child be part of our Bison family.  And we also want you to know that your child is ready to thrive right now.  While every year of college will certainly bring both challenges and opportunities, we know that the Lord created your student strong enough to thrive this year.

This year, we ask that you partner with us to help Lipscomb be the kind of community where every student belongs.  In a place where everyone belongs, the stage is set for everyone to become what we were created to be

Josh Roberts
Dean of Student Development