Transitioning Home for the Summer

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Transitioning Home for the Summer

Mom and Student

The time has arrived and your son or daughter is headed back home for the summer. While there are feelings of excitement there might also be feelings of uncertainty about what this new arrangement might look like. They have now been “on their own” for the majority of the year and planning their days exactly how they choose: wake up at 10am, go to class, workout, eat lunch with friends, go to dinner at 9pm and then their night is just beginning. It can be difficult to adjust to schedules and be considerate of mom and dad without feeling like a child again.

  • Communication is key during this time of transition. 
  • Talk about expectations, curfew, helping around the house, and the new roles of younger siblings
  • Don’t assume things will just go back to “the way things were” when they were in high school. 
  • It’s quite possible they will be sleep-deprived from exams and end of the year activities that first week home. They are finally back in their own bed so if they seem to be hibernating those few first days, it’s normal.
  • Don’t be surprised if they come home and “know everything”.  They feel like they have experienced the “real world” and might now have an opinion on ALL THE THINGS.
  • The goal of the time at home is to reconnect and catch up on their experiences while away and that won’t happen if you’re constantly trying to prove a point.
  • Schedule family time! It is common for your son or daughter to come home and want to catch up with all their “old friends”.  But again, be clear in expectations. Some traditions will feel good and they will appreciate being welcomed back into those routines.
  • Most importantly, BE THERE FOR THEM. While your college kids might be used to having space they will still find comfort in knowing that you are around.

While this is a transition for everyone involved, it can be a smooth process. You might actually find this new stage of parenting exciting as you watch your child become an adult themselves. The summers at home won’t last forever, so take advantage of this transitional yet precious time.