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Career Development Courses

Professional Advantages Course Flyer

Professional Advantages is designed to equip Liberal Arts and Science majors  with the necessary skills to be successful in their job search and transition to professional life. The 16 week course meets one time a week and will focus on self-assessment, professional communication, effective networking and mentorship, job search strategies, and transition to professional life. 

This 1 hr course will be one of the most practical classes a student will take in college. If your student is unsure of what life after college will look like or is not planning to enroll into graduate school, encourage them to register for this class. Wednesday at 2pm. CRN: 21123

If you have questions about this class and would like to know more, please feel free to reach out to Monica Wentworth at 615-966-6296 or 



Personal and Career Exploration Course FlyerPersonal and Career Exploration is a course designed for freshman and sophomore students discover their strengths, skills, and career options of most interest. Through this class, students will research various careers and meet professionals in their top fields of interest so they are equipped to make a confident decision about their academic major. 

If you student is questioning their major or just unsure what they want to be when they grow up, this class is an excellent opportunity for them to walk through a structured process with a career coach. Most all students leave the course with a major and a career action plan for their college years.

CRN: 21122. Wednesday at 2pm. For questions, contact Allison West at