Career Development End of the Academic Year

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Preparing for a Professional Career

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As the academic year comes to an end, graduates and students consider their next steps.Graduates focus on starting their professional career and many current students search for internship experiences. This time often creates excitement and vulnerability. They have more questions than answers on- how to make their goals a reality. The Career Development Center is here to support upcoming graduates and students as they seek professional experiences.

While the job market remains strong, it is still very competitive for the most highly sought after jobs and companies. Our students must be prepared because they are competing with graduates all across the US. The Career Development Center helps graduates navigate the job search and application process including fine tuning a resume, preparing for interviews, and creating a job search strategy.

The months of April and May are peak times for employers to seek summer interns as well. Many larger companies have already hired interns, but there are small and mid-size companies that are still recruiting summer interns. Internships are an effective way for students to gain skills, build their resume, and network with employers. Often students worry about internships not being paid. Many internships are paid or are part-time hours so that students can work another paid part-time role.

Parents can be a helpful resource to recent graduates and students.  Encourage your graduate or student to meet professionals in their target industry, utilize the Career Development Center, and apply to as many job opportunities as possible. Depending on the experience level of a recent graduate, they need to explore many career options and not set numerous parameters about the type of job they will apply for. Also assist your graduate in identifying personal champions that can serve as advisors for  them.  A team of advisors can serve as important role models as graduates and students seek professional guidance.  

The Career Development Center is always available as a resource as well.
Monica Wentworth
Director, Career Development