The Greek Life Experiment

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The Greek Life Experiment

Greek Life at Lipscomb

By definition, an experiment is a procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or to demonstrate a known fact.  

Each year, every student at Lipscomb embarks on what I refer to as the Greek Life Experiment in one of two ways.  First, nearly a quarter of our traditional students will dive head first into the Greek experiment and join one of our fourteen clubs on campus.  These students believe that their college experience will be richer, fuller, and will provide them with a quick route into a dynamic community of their peers.  These students understand that the process of becoming a member is intense at times as each club strives to develop solid relationships in a very short orientation period. 

Secondly, seventy-five percent of our traditional students will participate in the Greek Life experiment by observing the processes from the outside.  Perhaps their friend group is already maxed out, or their course work is too intense to sacrifice their study time, or they are curious to see if Lipscomb’s system is different from Hollywood’s version of Greek Life. 

Greek Life is similar to our SGA or Resident Assistants; not all students will be directly involved in these organizations yet, these organizations impact the campus experience of all students.  For those students willing to join in one of our Greek clubs, they will be afforded a rich communal experience which establishes long lasting relationships and networks that each member will cherish throughout their life.  


Dr. Sam Smith

Dean of Student Life