Lipscomb Offices


Once a Bison, always a Bison! Learn more about the benefits and activities of being one of our more than 35,000-alum worldwide Bison herd. It's all awaiting you on the alumni site.

Business Office & Bursar

Start here for all things regarding your student bill. If you've got questions, we have answers. This office is open Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and located in the Crisman Administration Building, call 615.966.1778. Or email Students and employees can find more information under the Business Office section of myLipscomb.

Center for Teaching and Learning

The CTL provides programs, services, and resources to achieve excellence in teaching. Read More.

Church Services

A resource for Christian congregations looking for consultation, speakers, academic and non-academic learning opportunities and training, all focused on engaging churches and equipping Christians in today’s culture. Learn more about Church Services.

Entertainment and Technical Services

The “A/V” people, this office handles all broadcast, staging, communication and entertainment production for the university. If you love the spotlight, check out our site for more information.

Event Management and Community Resources

Called the Office for University Relations, here’s the source for leasing Lipscomb venues as well as for special events such as Summer Celebration, Lighting of the Green and the Charlie Daniels Scholarship for Heroes concert, among many. We can help you pick a facility and plan your event; learn more on the venues site.


For existing facilities maintenance email or for information about the department email For new construction, email

Financial Aid

We're here to help students maximize all their financial opportunities as well as understand the options that are available; the process of applying for scholarships, grants and loans; and the payment plans that can be utilized. Contact us at 615.966.1791 or 800.333.4358, x. 1791, on our website or by email at or come by our office in the Crisman Administration Building. You may also write: Financial Aid, Lipscomb University, One University Park Drive, Nashville, TN 37204-3951.

General Counsel/Legal

This office manages the legal affairs of the university, from counsel and litigation to risk management to maintaining key policies to serving as the university’s neighborhood liaison. Located in the Crisman Administration Building, contact the office by e-mailing or calling 615.966.6219. If you are an outside vendor that needs an insurance form, click here. Students and employees can find more information under the General Counsel section of myLipscomb.


Join us in our journey to graduate students who are prepared, engaged, successful and faithful. Get started.

Human Resources

Attracting great people who have a heart and mind for preparing students for jobs and faith is the primary task of this office. If you think you might like to be one of us, check us out here. Students and employees can find more information under the Human Resources section of myLipscomb.

Information Technology (IT)

Responsible for supporting network, telephone, software, and computer support and training for campus users. You can check it all out over on our site. For support, students and employees can submit a ticket in myLipscomb or call the help desk at 615.966.1777.

Institutional Effectiveness and Research

Your source for data concerning the university’s reporting, accreditation, affiliations, strategic planning, continuous improvement and more. More can be found on our website.


Have you seen Lipscomb lately in a brochure? What about an advertisement? And you just happen to be on, so you know something about University Marketing. UM supports building the institution's brand and reputation through print pieces, marketing, advertising, videography and through digital marketing efforts like social media and the website. Check out our site for resources and more of what we do.


Lipscomb has an entire office just to coordinate all the activity involved around helping each student find their personal ministry – and the dozens of trips and projects that involve most of the Lipscomb campus at one time or another. Get serving or learn more.


Meet Lipscomb University’s 17th president since 1891, L. Randolph Lowry, III. Read his blog and read more about him here. If you need to contact the office, you may call 615.966.1787.


The university’s “chief academic officer,” the provost’s office is responsible for all things academic on the campus except student life/activity outside the classroom. Learn more about the university academic offerings. You may contact the office at 615.966.1789.

Public Relations and Communications

The Office of Public Relations and Communications identifies the strategic communication needs of Lipscomb University and works to enhance and manage the institution’s image with its key audiences through a variety of communication channels and intentional relationship building. Through strategic communications, public relations, media relations, reputation management, photography, publications and a wide range of digital channels, the public relations and communications team tells Lipscomb’s story.


The primary function of the Registrar’s Office is…registration for classes! And if you are here for that purpose, go to myLipscomb. That’s where it’s done. However, if you are not a current student but need a transcript, a current catalog or need commencement day details because somehow the student you are coming to honor hasn’t quite gotten around to filling you in, click here.


The safety and security of our campus community is a very high priority at Lipscomb. Click here to find out more. To contact the department 24/7/365 give us a call at 615.966.7600. Of course, for emergencies call 9-1-1 first.

Service Learning

Lipscomb’s Office of Serving and Learning Together—S.A.L.T.—coordinates the university’s robust service learning program that has become a model for this unique and highly effective learning method. Learn more about S.A.L.T.

Spiritual Outreach

A resource for youth ministers, teachers, volunteers, parents, and teens to enrich their lives and the lives of others for Christ—and, especially, home to the annual IMPACT staff. Get going over on our site.

Sponsored Programs

Responsible for advancing research opportunity and activity of all kinds across the campus. Read more.

Veteran’s Services

Learn more about why Lipscomb is one of the highest-rated universities for veterans’ education in the country.