Lipscomb University Exercise and Nutrition Science
Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Laboratory is an advanced research facility housed in the Exercise and Nutrition Science graduate program at Lipscomb University. The Human Performance is designed for the assessment of a variety of aspects of human performance and physical fitness including cardiovascular endurance, pulmonary function, muscular strength and power, body composition, flexibility, and blood markers. Beyond our research goals, the lab provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to use some of the most advanced equipment in their field of study, gain experience in conducting scientific research, and develop skills necessary to become exceptional researchers and practitioners.

EMG System Photo

Electromyography (EMG) System (NORAXON): Allows the non-invasive measurement of the electrical activity of individual muscles or muscle groups.

Metabolic Measurement System (True One 2400, Sandy, Utah): uses indirect calorimetry to allow the assessment of VO2max, when used in conjunction with a motorized treadmill or cycle ergometer.

Monark E Bike Photo

Monark Ergomedic 828 E Bike (7): Bikes designed for fitness testing and power output.

Lode Excalibur Cycle Ergometer: This electronically braked ergometer is considered by many to be the ‘gold standard in ergometry”, this highly adjustable device can handle high workloads that are characteristic of today’s athletes.