Course Descriptions

Required Courses

EXNS 5003 - Advanced Exercise Physiology (3)
The study of acute and chronic adaptation of the body’s structures and functions during and after physical activity. 

EXNS 5013 - Exercise and Nutrition Strategies I (3) 
The study of exercise and nutrition strategies for optimal wellness in healthy populations. (Prerequisite EXNS 5003)

EXNS 5063 - Biostastics (3)
The study of statistical methods and concepts appropriate for biomedical research and health related subjects. Topics will include descriptive and inferential statistics including parametric and nonparametric hypothesis testing methods, sample size, statistical significance and power, vital statistics, demographic methods, survival curve analysis, relative risk, odds ratio, chi square modeling, and analysis of variance.

EXNS 5103 - Research Design and Data Analysis (3)
The study of qualitative and quantitative methods for designing and analyzing appropriate research projects in exercise and nutrition science.

EXNS 5203 - Advanced Nutritional Biochemistry (3)
The study of the biochemistry of digestion, absorption, and metabolism of foods and specific nutrients. Special emphasis is given to the interrelationship of metabolic pathways and the impact of biochemistry on health and disease.

Elective Courses

EXNS 5023 - Exercise and Nutrition Strategies II (3)
The study of exercise and nutrition strategies for optimal wellness in diseased populations. (Prerequisite EXNS 5013)

EXNS 5033 - Anatomical Kinesiology and Biomechanics (3)
The study of the structure of human movement from an anatomical and biomechanical perspective.

EXNS 5043 - Exercise and Sports Nutrition (3)
The study of nutrition requirements for optimal performance in exercise and sports.

EXNS 5053 - Exercise Testing and Electrocardiography (3)
Study and applications of commonly used graded exercise tests on the treadmill and cycle ergometer. This course will also provide an understanding of the resting and exercise electro cardiogram. (Prerequisite EXNS 5003).

EXNS 5113 - Applied Exercise Physiology (3)
Students will apply the principles learned from Advanced Exercise Physiology. Topics include: training for anaerobic power; ergogenic aids to enhance performance; hypobaric exercise perform ance; exercise and thermal stress; body composition, energy balance and weight control; exercise and aging. (Prerequisite EXNS 5003)

EXNS 5213 - Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (3)
The study of the role of exercise and nutrition in promoting health and preventing disease in the general population.

EXNS 5223 - Nutrition and Genetics (3)
The study of the role of genetics in human nutrition and metabolism, with emphasis on the use of genetic testing in nutrition therapy.

EXNS 5233  - Nutrition and Exercise in Obesity Treatment (3)
The study of exercise and nutrition therapies for treating obesity across the lifespan.

EXNS 5243 - Program Planning in Exercise and Nutrition Science (3)
The study of the design, management, and evaluation of exercise and nutrition programs to improve health and wellness, and to treat disease.

EXNS 5253 - Nutrition Across the Life Span (3)
The study of nutrition needs at different stages of life, including pregnancy, infancy, child hood, adolescence, and aging.

EXNS 5403 - Special Topics in Exercise and Nutrition Science (3)
An in-depth discussion of special topics that are of interest to students and faculty. Topics must not be covered in depth in other courses. Titles will be announced in the course schedule.

EXNS 530V Practicum (3-6)
Supervised practice in the field of exercise and nutrition science. May be repeated for credit. Maximum 6 hours applied toward the degree.

EXNS 541V Independent Study (1-3)
Advanced study and/or research in a specific area of exercise and nutrition science. Offered on demand.

EXNS 5423 Thesis I (3)
Students will identify a thesis advisor and committee, propose the thesis topic and write the first three chapters of the thesis document (Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, and IRB approval).

EXNS 5433 Thesis II (3)
Students will collect and analyze thesis data, finalize written document and present/defend the document to the thesis committee (Prerequisite EXNS 5423).