Greek Glossary

Active: A fully inducted member of the club who pays dues

Bid: A formal invitation to join a social club

Bid Card: A card to indicate the prospectives’ clubs of preference that must be turned into the campus life office

Bid Night: A celebratory event in which prospective new members are introduced to the Lipscomb community

Closed Rush: A third event for prospectives who receive a formal invitation to the event; prospectives are required to attend all closed rushes to which they were invited to remain eligible to accept a bid

Function: Social events held by social clubs

Induction: A ceremony that brings a prospective into membership

New Member Orientation: The 10-day process of joining a social club

Open Rush: A rush event for prospectives and members of social clubs to get to know each other; Prospectives must attend three to be eligible for a bid

Prospective: A student who is eligible to join a social club

Prospective Event: A second rush event for prospectives with interest in obtaining a bid from specific social clubs

Rush: The three week period that social clubs recruit new members

Rush Card: A card to be signed by social club presidents to verify prospectives’ attendance at three open rushes