Where to give

You can choose to support student scholarships, the President’s special initiatives, a particular academic program, or our Bisons. Or, for that matter, feel free to contribute to all of them.

The Lipscomb Fund

Much as we’d like it to, tuition does not cover all of our costs. Contributions to the Lipscomb Fund are, in many ways, what keeps Lipscomb running. These donations help us maintain essential programs such as scholarships and student services—the library, dining hall, and computer labs—and they support presidential initiatives that will grow Lipscomb’s reach and reputation.

Colleges and Institutes

Gifts to specific academic programs allow us to continue providing the high-quality, high-touch education for which Lipscomb is known. Often these donations supply the only discretionary funds that deans, heads, and coaches have for responding to needs and supporting growth in their respective areas.

Lipscomb Academy

Our intention to elevate Lipscomb extends to the Academy as well. Contributions to the school will help us increase diversity, strengthen academics offerings, and make much-needed facilities updates.


As our Division I sports teams play their hearts out, giving us a reason to rally together as a community, they also incur significant expenses for equipment, travel, and training. One of our goals for Lipscomb:Next is to fully fund the athletics program, so our student-athletes can focus all their energy and talent on playing.