Institutional Scholarships

Institutional scholarships are given on two bases: merit and need. Any student accepted for admissions to the university must file a Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) at to be considered for both need and merit aid provided by the university. Any student who files a FAFSA is automatically considered for need-based federal and state aid.

Institutional scholarships are awarded and paid based on full-time enrollment (12+ hours undergraduate, 9+ hours adult degree).  If a student withdraws from the University or drops below full time enrollment after the start of the semester and receives a refund of tuition (full or in part) all institutional aid will be removed whether paid or unpaid.  The student is no longer eligible for the institutional aid.  


There are certain institutional awards which require the student to live on-campus each semester to renew the award. If you have one or more of these awards, there will be a message on your financial aid award, under "Accept Award Offer" tab in MyLipscomb, indicating the on-campus requirement. The student must secure on-campus housing and meal plan for the scholarship to remain in place and pay to the student account. If the student moves off-campus, the award will be removed. All awards are subject to the Direct Cost policy of the University.

Students with the following awards have an on-campus requirement.

Lipscomb University National Merit Finalist and Semi-Finalist: Entry 2015-2016

Lipscomb University National Merit Finalist: and Semi-Finalist: Entry prior to 2015-2016 please contact Financial Aid Office at 615-966-1791

Trustee Scholarship

Lipscomb Academy Valedictorian Scholarship

Scout Award

All Out of State Add-On Scholarships, except the $1,000 award (Original award will not revert to $1,000 award if living Off-campus)

All Employment-Based Scholarship, except the NCSA (K-12) Employee Grant-entering 2016-2016

   Includes: Children of Church of Christ Ministers, Youth Ministers, Missionaries in Foreign Countries

                   Children of employees of NCSA Member Schools (K-12)- entry prior to 2015-2016

                    Children of employees of NCSA University Level Schools

CCCU Tuition Waiver Exchange Program Scholarship

Kappa Iota Theta Scholarship

Transfer Achievers Scholarship

There are several awards which carry an award value for both on-campus and off-campus. This means if the student lives off-campus, the award will be reduced to meet the off-campus award value. Awards are subject to the Direct Coast Policy of the University. Awards will be adjusted to prevent an over award of institutional aid. The awards are as follows:

 Head of School Grant

 Latino Achiever's Grant

 International Student Awards

 National Achievement Award: Finalist and Semi-Finalist

 National Hispanic Scholars: Finalist and Semi-Finalist


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*Note - Any forms needed for scholarships can now be found in the student's MyLipscomb account in the Financial Aid section.