Lipscomb University

Christian Scholars' Conference

The “panel” in CSC nomenclature is a generative session with a different flavor and intent. In the place of formal papers, the “panel” brings together 4-7 persons with prepared comments on a particular topic. The participants are not only inter-institutional but often represent different academic disciplines. They are literally and figuratively gathered around the same table for the first time. The goal of the panel is to discern if there exists heuristic grist for further and more disciplined academic pursuit of one or more trajectories surfaced in the panel. While following the timelines and guidelines of the generative session, the panel:

  1. has one abstract (85-100 words) for the session,
  2. requires no abstracts from the panelists,
  3. expects panelists to have “prepared comments” (NOT formal papers) with a specific time limit (typically right at 10 minutes),
  4. is composed of 4-7 panelists, according to the convener’s discretion. However, more than 5 or 6 panelists tends to crowd and limit the conversation.