Lipscomb University

Christian Scholars' Conference

Shattering Truths: What Classic Novels by Black Authors Reveal about White Racism

Fred D. Gray Plenary delivered by David P. Gushee

00:01 Introduction by Tanya Brice

3:10 David P. Gushee

"The Tiny Journalist" and Other Readings in Poetry

John T. Willis Plenary delivered by Naomi Shihab Nye

00:01 Introduction by Susan Blassingame

3:09 Naomi Shihab Nye

Good Kids and Spoiled Brats: Perspectives on the Task of Properly Rearing and Educating Children in the Ancient World and Early Christianity

Abraham J. Malherbe Plenary delivered by John T. Fitzgerald

00:01 Introduction by James Thompson

3:08 John T. Fitzgerald

Woman Wisdom and Her Afterlife

J.J.M Roberts' Lecture delivered by Katharine Dell

00:01 Introduction by Mark Sneed

5:00 Katharine Dell

46:20 Mark Sneed opens the floor for questions

"The Beginning of His Ways" Christ as God's Personified Wisdom in the Early Greek Fathers

Everett Ferguson Lecture delivered by Brian E. Daley, S.J.

00:01 Introduction by Trevor Thompson

1:53 Brian E. Daley

49:13 Question and Answer

Religion in 2068: Humanity and What Matters Most in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Landon Saunders Lecture delivered by Miroslav Volf

00:01 Introduction by Kathy Pulley

4:00 Miroslav Volf

1:05:20 Respondent William Lofton Turner

1:14:15 Respondent Robert M. Randolph

1:25:03 Respondent Charissa Walters Williams

Apprenticeship in Art - Two Writers

The Pre-session featuring John R. Erickson and Nathan (S.J.) Dahlstrom

00:01 Introduction by David Fleer

7:51 John R. Erickson

22:03 Nathan (S.J.) Dahlstrom

28:46 David Fleer interviews Erickson adn Dahlstrom

55:40 Closing remarks by David Fleer