Lipscomb University

Christian Scholars' Conference

Fred D. Grey Plenary Lecture in Human and Civil Rights

Plenary delivered by James Cone



Introduction by Tanya Brice begins at :05

Speech by James Cone begins at 1:24

Afterward by Tanya Brice begins at 46:21

Rage, Nostalgia, and the Forgetfulness of God

Plenary delivered by Shaun Casey



Introduction by Joshua Fleer begins at :04

Speech by Shaun Casey begins at 2:15

Afterward by David Fleer begins at 1:01:38

Abstract : The planet is awash in anger and rage while nostalgia seems to be an increasingly seductive choice for many Christians. All of these traits are related broadly to memory. What accounts for this rage? Is there a better Christian response to memory than nostalgia? And what are we to make of the theological claim that God is capable of remembering sin no more? This lecture will explore the nexus of anger, rage and nostalgia in our time and offer a theological critique of nostalgia while claiming a role for forgiveness as a form of intentional divine forgetfulness.

Selected Readings and Comments

Plenary delivered by Marie Howe



Introduction by Susan Blassingame begins at :10

Speech by Marie Howe begins at 3:54

Afterward by Blessingame begins at 48:19

Memory, Tradition, and the Future of Faith

Plenary delivered by Greg Sterling



Introduction by Carl Holladay begins at :05

Speech by Greg Sterling begins at 9:08

Afterward by Carl Holladay begins at 55:11

Presentation of the Abraham J. Melherbe Papers