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Christian Scholars' Conference

We have added videos from plenary lectures from the 2016 conference!

To view the session with William Lofton Turner and Fred Gray, click here.

Turner begins his introduction of Gray at 15:30, and the conversation with Gray starts at 52:00.

To view the session with Michael Sandel, click here.

The introductory video to Sandel's lecture begins at 5:30.

To view the session with Linda Pastan, click here.

Pastan begins her lecture at 6:35.

Landon Saunders Plenary in 2016 and Lecture in 2017

Landon Saunders closed the 2016 CSC with a stirring plenary entitled, "On Being Human as the Nexus of World and Faith." The plenary address set out trajectories for future study and practice that will annually be addressed at the CSC. Working with the issues of world and faith in direct dialogue with human beings from across the world has marked the work of Landon Saunders for more than forty years. This annual lecture series, "On Being Human as the Nexus of World and Faith" is dedicated to continuing that conversation with renewed insight and urgency. Landon explains:

World and faith are often viewed in tension. For many, faith is world-denying. But, for faith to be real it must make its contribution to meaning in the context of an ever-changing world; hence, one must read the "text" of the world with the same fervor with which one reads the "text" of faith.

World plays an epistemological role in understanding faith, and faith plays an epistemological role in understanding world.

This premise of necessity brings numerous fields of scholarship into the conversation--theology, philosophy, sociology, the neuro- and biological sciences, psychology, communication theory, the humanities and the arts. No pursuit that seeks to understand the world or faith should be left out.

Central to this pursuit is the human being as the nexus of world and faith. This may pose the greatest challenge of all because the human beings, the only thing finally at risk, often gets lost in the complications of faith and world. To maintain relentless, tenacious, unyielding attention on what's excellent fo the human being may be the hardest disciplines of all.

At the conference, Landon Saunders will give his lecture during session 5 on Friday from 9am-10:30am.