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Sessions 2014

American Religious History Track

Session I

“How Can We Account for the Extraordinary Culture of Biblical and Religious Scholarship in Churches of Christ?: A Position Paper by Richard Hughes." - Ezell 136

David Fleer, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Richard Hughes, Messiah College, “How Can We Account for the Extraordinary Culture of Biblical and Religious Scholarship in Churches of Christ?”
  • David Edwin Harrell, Auburn University, Emeritus, Respondent
  • Kathy Pulley, Missouri State University, Respondent
  • Robert Randolph, MIT & Brookline Church of Christ, Respondent
  • Richard Hughes, Reply

Session II

“Liberty, Reform, and Schism in Antebellum America.” - Ezell 363

Scott Billingsley, University of North Carolina, Pembroke

  • Stanley Helton, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Hammond, LA, “Solomon Northup among Baptists and Campbellites in Antebellum Louisiana”
  • Matt McCook, Oklahoma Christian University, “Reconsidering Again Alexander Campbell’s Political and Social Ethic”
  • Scott Billingsley, University of North Carolina, Pembroke, “Barton W. Stone and the Making of an American Church”

Session III

“Major Book Review: The Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History, D. Newell Williams, Douglas A. Foster, and Paul M. Blowers, eds. (Chalice Press, 2013).” - Ezell 138

James L. Gorman, Johnson University, Convener

  • Lamin Sanneh, Yale Divinity School, Yale University, Reviewer
  • Thomas H. Olbricht, Pepperdine University, Emeritus, Reviewer
  • David Edwin Harrell, Auburn University, Emeritus, Reviewer
  • Douglas A. Foster, Abilene Christian University, Editor, Response
  • D. Newell Williams, Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University, Editor, Response

Session IV

“The Correspondence of Dean L. C. Sears and Pattie Hathaway Armstrong Sears 1915-1921.” - Burton 117

Larry Long, Harding University, Convener

  • Thomas H. Olbricht, Pepperdine University Emeritus, “The Harding, Armstrong, Sears Contribution to Churches of Christ Higher Education”
  • Elizabeth Sears Parsons, Boston University School of Theology, “Education as Christian Mission: Perspectives for Today from a Century Ago”
  • Larry Long, Harding University, Respondent

Biblical Studies Track

Session I

“Major Book Review: Marcan Priority Without Q, John C. Poirier and Jeffrey Peterson, Eds. (Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2014).” - Ezell 263

Richard Wright, Oklahoma Christian University, Convener.

  • Jeffrey Peterson, Austin Graduate School of Theology, Précis 
  • Kenneth L. Cukrowski, Abilene Christian University, Reviewer
  • Gregory Sterling, Yale Divinity School, Reviewer
  • John C. Poirier, Kingswell Theological Seminary, Respondent 
  • Mark Goodacre, Duke University, Respondent

“New Testament Exegesis I.” - Burton 184

John Harrison, Oklahoma Christian University, Convener.  A peer reviewed session.

  • Ron Clark, George Fox Evangelical Seminary, “Touched by a Sinner? Sinful Women and the Men Who Exploit or Love Them: A Study of Luke 7:36-50”
  •  Kindalee Pfremmer De Long, Pepperdine University, “'Satan Falling': Apocalyptic Elements in Luke 10:17-23”
  • Cliff Barbarick, Abilene Christian University, “Becoming Like God: Theiosis in 1 Peter

Session II

"A Critical Assessment of Abraham J. Malherbe’s Scholarly Work: Hellenistic Moral Philosophy, Patristics and Second Century Christianity." - Ezell 136

John T. Fitzgerald, Professor of New Testament, University of Notre Dame, and Gregory E. Sterling, The Reverend Henry L. Slack Dean and Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament, Yale Divinity School, Conveners

  • Johan Thom, Professor of Classics in the Department of Ancient Studies, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, “‘Greeks Seek Wisdom’: Abraham Malherbe’s Contribution to Hellenistic Philosophy and Early Christianity”
  • David Rankin, Revd. Dr. David Mackay-Rankin; Holland Park Central and St. David’s Holland Park Uniting Churches; formerly Principal Lecturer in Church History, Academic Dean, and Principal of Trinity Theological College, Brisbane, Australia, “Athenagoras and the Second Christian Century: Abraham Malherbe’s Contributions to Patristics Studies.”

“The Future of Biblical Theology, Session I.” - Ezell 138

Lewis Donelson, Austin Presbyterian Seminary, Convener

  • Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary, Emeritus, Panelist
  • Jeannine Brown, Bethel Seminary (San Diego), Panelist
  • Robert L. Foster, University of Georgia, Panelist

Session III

"A Critical Assessment of Abraham J. Malherbe’s Scholarly Work: New Testament Studies." - Ezell 136

James W. Thompson, Onstead Professor of New Testament, Abilene Christian University, and Carl R. Holladay, C. H. Candler Professor of Testament, Emory University, Candler School of Theology, Conveners

  • Clare Rothschild, Professor of New Testament, Lewis University, “Light from the Gentiles: Abraham Malherbe’s Contributions to New Testament Studies.”

“Reading the Old Testament as Scripture: A Conversation Between Ellen Davis and Walter Brueggemann on Biblical Interpretation, Theology, and the Relationship Between Church and Academy.” - Ezell 107

Brad East, Yale University, Convener

  • Ellen Davis, Duke Divinity School
  • Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary, Emeritus

Session IV

“The Future of Biblical Theology, Session II.” - Ezell 107

Lewis Donelson, Austin Presbyterian Seminary, Convener

  • Jeannine Brown, Bethel Seminary (San Diego), Panelist
  • Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary, Emeritus, Panelist
  • Robert L. Foster, University of Georgia, Panelist

“A Sudden Scholar.” - Ezell 109

Ellen Davis, Amos Ragan Kearns Professor of Bible and Practical Theology, Duke Divinity School

  • Brad East, Yale University, Convener
  • Amanda Pittman, Duke Divinity School, Respondent

Session V

“New Testament Exegesis II (Pauline Letters).” Beaman Library 209

Christopher R. Hutson, Abilene Christian University, Convener. A peer reviewed session.

  • Jeremy Barrier, Heritage Christian University, “Jesus’ Breath in Gal 4:4-7”
  • Stanley Helton, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, “Paul’s Priestly Self-Description in Romans 15:16”
  • Wendell Willis, Abilene Christian University, “Paul’s Righteousness Ledger in Philippians 3:4-11”

“Old Testament Theology of Prayer.” - Ezell, Swang Chapel

Phillip Camp, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Andrew Hill, Wheaton College, “Theology of Prayer in the Minor Prophets”
  • Brittany Kim, Wheaton College, “Theology of Prayer in Ruth and Esther”
  • Phillip Camp, Lipscomb University, “Theology of Prayer in the Pentateuch”

Business Track

Session II

“Contemporary Leadership Issues.” - Burton 324

Jimmy Cone, The Cone Group: Intelligent Construction, Little Rock, AK, Convener

  • Laura Morrow, Allison Duke and Leanne Smith, Lipscomb University, “The Disservice of Superwoman: Lies, Traps & Truth!”
  • Glen Metheny, Harding University, “The Post-Millennial: Next Generation Leadership”
  • Gene Dixon, East Carolina University, “36 Questions on Spiritual Leadership in the Workplace”

Session III

“Missions in Business.” - Ezell, Swang Chapel

Randy Steger, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Josiah Pleasant, Harding University, “Entrepreneurship in Missions”
  • Randy Steger, Lipscomb University and Andy Borchers, Lipscomb University, “Missions and Community Development”

Session IV

“Leaders and Followers.” - Swang 100

Allen Frazier, Harding University, Convener

  • David Bosch, Asbury University, “The Impact of Leadership Style on Leader-Follower Value Congruence”
  • Gene Dixon, East Carolina University, “Embedding Followers into the Chancellor’s Student/Faculty Leadership Academies”
  • Gene Dixon, East Carolina University, “The Recovering Leader”

“Leadership Development and Theory.” - Ezell 263

Ray Eldridge, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Dustin Benac, Duke University, “Opposability: Christianity’s Opposable InnerLogic and its Capacity to Form Leaders for the Contemporary World”
  • Andrew Babyak, Chowan University, “Biblical Leadership, a More Credible Leadership Theory than Servant Leadership”
  • Joshua Watson, Oklahoma Christian University, “Teaching Leadership Through Appreciative Inquiry and Dialogic Theory of PR”

Session V

“Leadership Challenges.” - Burton 117

Brad Reid, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Joshua Watson, Oklahoma Christian University, “Leadership & Follow-ship: A Case Study of an Organizational Leader’s Framing of Risk-Taking”
  • Mike Kipp, Newport Board Group, “Leadership and Spirituality”
  • Brad Reid, Lipscomb University, “Leadership Descriptions in Judicial Decisions: Problem Phrases”

“Leadership in the Marketplace.” - Ezell 138

Andy Borchers, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • David Johnson, Faulkner University, “In Praise of Price Gougers?”
  • Gregory A. Bonadies, University of Southern Mississippi, “Market Efficiency and the Institution of Christ: An Economic Perspective of Christianity”
  • Charles Frasier and Bill Ingram, Lipscomb University “The Christian and Competition: What should be the Christian’s attitude toward competition?”
  • Kevin Brown, Asbury University, “Value, Economic Value and the Future of Higher Education”

Business and Engineering Track

Session III

“Engineering Ethics, Mission and Scripture.” - Ezell 232

Richard Wells, Harding University, Convener

  • Kenneth Olree, Ph.D., Abilene Christian University and Matthew Steele, Ph.D., Abilene Christian University, “Professional Engineering Ethics and Scripture: Do They Comport?”
  • Kerry Patterson, Lipscomb University and Kristopher Hatchell, Barge, Waggoner, Sumner & Cannon, Inc., “Developing Leaders in Engineering Missions”
  • Allen Frazier, Harding University, and Richard Wells, Harding University, “Business and Engineering—Merging Capstones to Plan New Ventures”

“Leadership in Mergers and Acquisitions: Process and Perspectives.” - Burton 117

Chuck Capps, Lipscomb University and Jeff Mankin, Lipscomb UniversityLipscomb University, Conveners.

  • Chuck Capps, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Jeff Mankin, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Phillip Roe, Tenet Healthcare Corporation, Senior Vice President of Finance, Panelist
  • Mark A. Parkey, J. Alexander’s LLC, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Panelist

Session IV

“Missions in Engineering.”

Mark Steiner, Freed Hardeman University, Convener

  • Fort Gwinn, Lipscomb University, and Justin Myrick, Lipscomb University, “Lipscomb University Experiences in Engineering Missions”
  • Rich Wells, Harding University, “Harding University Experiences in Engineering Missions”
  • Ken Olree, Abilene Christian University, “Abilene Christian University’s Experiences in Engineering Missions”

Christian Spirituality Track

Session I

“Emerging, Converging, and Leading: Celebrating and Engaging the Work of Phyllis Tickle.” - Ezell Andrews/3rd Floor

Eric R. Magnusson, Spring Arbor University, Convener

  • Samjung Kang-Hamilton, Abilene Christian University,
  • Rhonda Lowry, Lipscomb University
  • Carolyn Wilson, Lipscomb University
  • Eric R. Magnusson, Spring Arbor University
  • Phyllis Tickle, Author and Respondent

Session II

“Embodiment, Encounter, and Power: Theological and Mystical Frames for Subverting and Reimagining Power Structures.” - Ezell Andrews/3rd Floor

Eric R. Magnusson, Spring Arbor University, Convener

  • Meredith Minister, Kentucky Wesleyan College, “Mechthild’s Implicit Critique of Scholasticism”
  • Andrew Krinks, Vanderbilt University, “Materializing Apophasis: Listening as the Seedbed of Justice”
  • Justin Bronson Barringer, Embrace Church, Lexington, KY, “Fluid Hierarchies: Friendship as a Subversive Practice”

Civil Rights Track

“Pre-Conference Screening: 12 Years a Slave.” Wednesday 7 PM - Ward Hall

Ted Parks, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Tanya Smith Brice, Benedict College, Talk-Back Host
  • Preston Shipp, Talk-Back Host

Session I

“Invitation to the Voiceless Minority.” - Ezell 107

Michael Brown, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Convener

  • Edward Carson, The Brooks School, North Andover, MA, “Racial Reflection and Sexual Identity: The Challenges of Silence in Conservative Institutions”
  • Michelle Mikeska, Houston Christian, “A Nonviolent Hermeneutic: How to Promote Peace in Confessional Institutions”
  • Stephanie Eddleman, Harding University, “Female Voices of Faith: The Untold Stories”

Session II

“Civil Rights and Churches of Christ: Leadership in the Academy.” - Ezell 107

Tanya Smith Brice, Benedict College, Convener

  • Jeremie Beller, University of Oklahoma, “Terror Management, Dissociation, and Religious Orientation: Addressing Allport’s Paradox of Religion and Racism”
  • Carlos Perez, Lubbock Christian University, “Strategies for Racial Reconciliation: Using Theories as a Guide”
  • Norma J Bond Burgess, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Lipscomb University, Respondent

Session III

“Civil Rights and Churches of Christ: Leadership in Religion.” - Ezell 109

Tanya Smith Brice, Benedict College, Convener

  • Brad McKinnon, Heritage Christian University, “‘The Wall that Divides’: Mission and Race Relations in the Churches of Christ, 1967-1970”
  • Yukikazu Obata, Fuller Theology Seminary, “The Gospel is Almost for All: J.M. McCaleb’s Views on Race and Nationalism”
  • Tanya Asim Cooper, University of Alabama School of Law, “Racial Bias in the Church and Its Role in American Foster Care”
  • Bennie Harris, Senior Vice President for Development, Lipscomb University, Respondent

Session V

“12 Years a Slave: Is ‘Slavery’s Story America’s Story’?” - Ezell 107

Ted Parks, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Tanya Smith Brice, Benedict College, Panelist
  • Matt Hearn, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Phyllis Hildreth, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Brandi Kellett, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Preston Shipp, Panelist
  • David Jones, Schrader Lane Church of Christ, Nashville, Panelist
  • Inmates at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution, A Statement

Creative Writing Track

Session IV

“A Reading by CSC Authors.” - Ezell 234

Forrest Anderson, Catawba College, Convener

  • John Struloeff, Pepperdine University
  • J. Matthew Boyleston, Houston Baptist University
  • Susan Finch, Belmont University
  • Forrest Anderson, Catawba College

Session V

“The Spirit in Tennessee Writers.” - Ezell 238 (Missions Center)

John Struloeff, Pepperdine University, Convener

  • Forrest Anderson, Catawba College, “The Rough and Tumble Spirit of William Gay”
  • J. Matthew Boyleston, Houston Baptist University, “The Region, the Poet, and the Tennessee River: The Unified Field Theory of Donald Davidson”
  • Michael Potts, Methodist University, “Faith and Doubt in Mary Noailles Murfree’s The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains”
  • John Struloeff, Pepperdine University, “Local Truth in Peter Taylor’s ‘The Old Forest’”

Faith and Science Track

Session IV

“Christianity and Food.” - Ezell 232

Chris Doran, Pepperdine University, Convener

  • Gary S. Selby, Pepperdine University, “Red Beef and Strong Beer: C. S. Lewis and the Spirituality of Eating”
  • Tyler C. Selby, Hopwood Christian Church, Johnson City, TN, “Becoming a Good Eater: Eating as a Formative Practice for Learning Christian Friendship”
  • Chris Doran, Pepperdine University, "Eating as a Christian Act of Hope"

Higher Education Track

Session I

“The Future of Christian Higher Education: The Most Critical Issues We Face in the Decade Ahead.” - Ezell 109

Trace Hebert, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Randy Lowry, Lipscomb University, President
  • Michael F. Adams, University of Georgia, President Emeritus
  • John deSteiguer, Oklahoma Christian University, President
  • Bruce McLarty, Harding University, President
  • Tim Perrin, Lubbock Christian University, President

Session II

“The Future of American Higher Education.” - Ezell 109

Jack Scott, California Community Colleges, Chancellor Emeritus and Former California State Senator, Convener

  • Royce Money, Abilene Christian University, President Emeritus, “The Future of Church of Christ Colleges and Universities”
  • Jerry Hudson, Willamette University, President Emeritus, “The Future of Private Colleges and Universities”
  • Joel Anderson, University of Arkansas Little Rock, Chancellor, “The Future of Four Year Public Universities”
  • Jack Scott, California Community Colleges, Chancellor Emeritus and Former California State Senator, Convener, “The Future of Community Colleges”

“How to be an Ally: Hearing and Receiving Voices from the Margins of the Church and the Academy.” - Burton 117

Jeffrey R. Baker, Pepperdine University School of Law, Convener

  • Edward Carson, The Brooks School, Panelist
  • Scott Lybrand, Episcopal Charities and Community Services, Panelist
  • Julie A. Mavity Maddalena, Southern Methodist University, Panelist
  • Jeanine Thweatt-Bates, Princeton Theological Seminary, Panelist

Session III

“Ecology of Learning, Culture, and Online Christian Education.” - Ezell 238 (Missions Center)

Timothy Paul Westbrook, Harding University, Convener

  • Mary E. Lowe, Erskine Theological Seminary and Stephen D. Lowe, Erskine Theological Seminary,  “Reciprocal Ecology: A Comprehensive Model of Spiritual Formation in Theological Education”
  • Robin Smith, University of Arkansas Little Rock, Respondent
  • Timothy Paul Westbrook, Harding University, “Global Contexts for Learning: Exploring the Relationship Between Low-Context Online Learning and High-Context Learners”
  • Melinda Thompson, Abilene Christian University, Respondent

Session IV

“Cracking the Ceiling: Opportunities and Challenges for Women Leading in Higher Education.” - Ezell 138

Lynette Sharp Penya, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Ken Cukrowski, Dean of the College of Biblical Studies, Theology, and Missions, Abilene Christian University
  • Nancy Magnusson Durham, Vice President for Strategic Planning, Lipscomb University
  • Kathy Pulley, former Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Missouri State University, “Respecting and Promoting the Talent” 
  • D. Newell Williams, President, Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University, “It Gets Better” 

“What is the Purpose of Christian Higher Education in the 21st century?—Ten Honors College Students Reflect on the Status of Faith-Based Learning.” - Beaman Library 209

Jonathan Thorndike, Belmont University, Convener

  • Landa Dowdy, Abilene Christian University
  • Courtney Tee, Abilene Christian University
  • Michael Harbour, Abilene Christian University, Faculty Sponsor
  • Caroline Cartwright, Belmont University
  • Andrew Hunt, Belmont University
  • Jonathan Thorndike, Belmont University, Faculty Sponsor
  • Julie Anne White, Harding University
  • Cana Moore, Harding University
  • Warren Casey, Harding University, Faculty Sponsor
  • Anna Bray, Lipscomb University
  • Zack Eccelston, Lipscomb University
  • Paul Prill, Lipscomb University, Faculty Sponsor
  • Danielle Chun, Messiah College
  • Phoebe Chua, Messiah College
  • Richard and Jan Hughes, Messiah College, Faculty Sponsor

Session V

“Leadership in Higher Education: Opportunities and Change.” - Ezell 232

David Roach, Texas Tech University, Convener

  • David Roach, Texas Tech University, Associate Dean in College of Arts and Sciences, “Curricular Change in Public and Private Universities”
  • Rob Stewart, Texas Tech University, Senior Vice Provost, “The Faith Dimension of Faculty Leadership in Civic Engagement”
  • James Hallmark, Texas A&M University System, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, “Fostering Spiritual Growth in Students at Public Universities:  Responding to NSSE Data”
  • Barry Ries, Minnesota State University, Associate Vice President of Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, “When Faith Becomes Public in Higher Education”
  • Darryl Tippens, Pepperdine University, Provost, Respondent 

Immigration Track

Session III

“Does Heeding the Call to Do Justice to the Alien Require the Nation to Make the Alien a Citizen?” - Stowe Hall (Swang 108)

James O. Browning, United States Federal Judge, District of New Mexico

  • Randy Lowry, Lipscomb University, President, Convener
  • James O. Browning, United States Federal Judge, District of New Mexico, ?“Does Heeding the Call to Do Justice to the Alien Require the Nation to Make the Alien a Citizen?”
  • Mark Hamilton, Abilene Christian University, “Reply from the Vantage of the Old Testament”
  • Jeff Baker, Pepperdine University School of Law, “Reply from the Vantage of Law”
  • James O. Browning, ?United States Federal Judge, District of New Mexico, ?Response

Session IV

“Justice to the Alien: Four Trajectories for Consideration in the Debate on Immigration that Grow from Presentations by Browning, Baker and Hamilton.” - Stowe Hall (Swang 108)

Randy Lowry, Lipscomb University, President, Convener

  • Alberto Gonzales, Belmont University, Doyle Rogers Distinguished Chair of Law & U.S. Attorney General, 2005 – 2007, Vantage of the Courts
  • Daniel Rodriguez, Pepperdine University, Vantage of Practical Theology
  • Michael F. Adams, University of Georgia, President Emeritus, Vantage of Higher Education
  • Stephanie Teatro, Director of Advocacy, Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition, Nashville, Vantage of the Immigrant 

John Updike Track

Session II

“John’s Version: Updike and Christian Faith.” - Beaman Library 209

Kimberly Reed, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Ralph C. Wood, Baylor University, Panelist
  • Ami McConnell, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Senior Fiction Editor, Panelist
  • David Dark, Belmont University, Panelist

Session III

“John Updike and Christian Thought.” - Ezell 263

Steve Weathers, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Mark Cullum, Abilene Christian University, “Impudence and Desperation: John Updike and his Childhood's Faith”
  • Michael Potts, Methodist University, “John Updike’s ‘Pigeon Feathers,’ Fear of Annihilation, and God”
  • James W. Thomas, Pepperdine University, “Run on Home: Updike’s Celebration of Ceremonies in ‘Packed Dirt, Churchgoing, a Dying Cat, a Traded Car’”
  • Steve Weathers, Abilene Christian University, Respondent

Session IV

“The Flesh Became Word: A Discussion of the Themes From and Sciences Behind the Stage Adaptation of John Updike’s Roger’s Version.” - Ezell, Swang Chapel

Greg Greene, Blackbird Theater, Convener

  • Wes Driver, Blackbird Theater, Playwright and Director of Roger’s Version, Panelist
  • Clifford Anderson, Director, Scholarly Communications in the Jean and Alexander Heard Library at Vanderbilt University, Panelist

Leadership in Ministry Track

Session I

“Leadership in Congregational Life: Practical Aspects.” - Ezell 238 (Missions Center)

Curtis McClane, Johnson University and Highland View Church of Christ, Oak Ridge, TN

  • Carson Reed, Abilene Christian University, “Spiritual Formation, Burnout, and Effective Practice of Ministry Among Youth Ministers in Churches of Christ”
  • Curtis McClane, Johnson University and Highland View Church of Christ, Oak Ridge, TN, “Pastoral Leadership & Ethical Issues: Cohabitation as a Case Study”
  • Tommy Smith, Johnson University, “Leadership and Spiritual Formation: The Role of Doctrinal Preaching”

Session II

“Leadership in Congregational Life: Theoretical Aspects.” - Ezell 238 (Missions Center)

Curtis McClane, Johnson University and Highland View Church of Christ, Oak Ridge, TN

  • David Ward, Oxford Graduate School, “Convictional Intelligence in Christian Scholarship that Leads Prophetically in Church and Society”
  • Joshua D. Reichard, Oxford Graduate School, “Leading in the Love of God: An Open and Relational Theory of Leadership”
  • Mark Weedman, Johnson University, “Leadership as Reconciliation”

“Partners: Working Together in Church Leadership.” - Burton 184

John Grant, College Hills Church of Christ, Lebanon, TN, Convener

  • Chris Smith, Harpeth Hills Church of Christ
  • Jason Thompson, Harpeth Hills Church of Christ
  • Jon Mullican, Hope Network and Highland Oaks Church of Christ?
  • Jackie Halstead, Scarritt Bennett Center, Director of Education

Patristics Track

Session I

“Discourse and Communal Formation in the Third – Fourth Centuries.” - Burton 117

Earl Lavender, Lipscomb University, Convener. A Peer Reviewed Session.

  • Jacob A. Lollar, Florida State University, “The Ambiguous John: Origen and Focalization in John 1:15-18”
  • James E. Walters, Princeton Theological Seminary, “Shaming Jewish Practice, Shaping Christian Identity: The Function of Anti-Jewish Polemic in Aphrahat’s Demonstrations”
  • Nathan Howard, University of Tennessee at Martin, “Trans-Historical Fellowship in the Cappadocian Fathers”

Session IV

“Early Christian Studies and Stone-Campbell Scholarship.” - Ezell 136

Robin Jensen, Luce Chancellor’s Professor of the History of Christian Art and Worship, Vanderbilt University, Convener

  • Mark Weedman, Johnson University, “Language, Practice and the Place of Patristics in the Stone-Campbell Movement”
  • Trevor W. Thompson, Abilene Christian University, “‘Rubbish under the Name of Ignatius.’ The Authenticity of the Ignatian Corpus: A Reconsideration of the letter from Ignatius to Polycarp”
  • Paul M. Blowers, Dean E. Walker Professor of Church History, Emmanuel Christian Seminary, “The Patristic Doctrine of Nothing:  Some Pre- and Post-Nicene Perspectives”
  • Elizabeth A. Clark, John Carlisle Kilgo Professor of Religion (emerita), Duke University, Respondent

Session V

“The First Annual Everett Ferguson Lecture in Early Christian Studies.” - Nursing 118

Trevor W. Thompson, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Elizabeth A. Clark, John Carlisle Kilgo Professor of Religion (emerita), Duke University, “Women and the Family in the Nineteenth Century Protestant Imaginary: Between Ascetic Renunciation and the Women’s Movement”
  • J. Patout Burns, Edward A. Malloy Professor of Catholic Studies (emeritus), Vanderbilt University, “Remarks about the Honoree”

Rhetoric Track

Session V

"The Reagan Legacy of Rhetoric, Religion and Leadership." - Ezell 263

John M. Jones, Pepperdine University, Convener

  • Larry Bumgardner, Pepperdine University, “From Supporting Actor in the Movies, to Leading Man in World Affairs”
  • James R. Wilburn, Pepperdine University, “Ronald Reagan: Nourished by Faith”
  • John M. Jones, Pepperdine University, “Ronald Reagan’s Cold War Rhetoric”
  • Jack Foust Matlock, Jr., U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union, 1987 to 1991, “Reflections on Reagan and Gorbachev”

Sustainability Track

Session II

“Business and Sustainability.” - Burton 214

Andy Borchers, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Randy Steger, Lipscomb University, “Transformational Development and Sustainability”
  • Jay Everett, Lose&Associates, INC., “Nashville Parking Optimization”
  • Andy Borchers, Lipscomb University, “Mass Transit: Personal and Community Transformation”

Session III

“Energy for Sustainable Living.” - Ezell Andrews/3rd Floor

George D. Parks, ConocoPhillips, FuelScience LLC, “Sustainable Energy”

  • Sally Holt, Belmont University, “Ethical and Moral Issues Surrounding Sustainable Living & Energy”
  • George D. Parks, ConocoPhillips, FuelScience LLC, “Sustainable Energy”
  • Bard Young, Vanderbilt University Press, Editor Emeritus

Session IV

“Environment and the Arts.” - Ezell 363

Jeremy Elliott, Abilene Christian University, convener

  • Luke Morgan, Texas Tech University, “‘The Wild in Our ‘Own Backyard’: Urban Homesteading as Theoretical Middle Ground”
  • Chai Green, Independent Artist, “Photography and the Environment: The Numinous Landscape”
  • Greg C. Jeffers, Abilene Christian University, “Transcendence and Trauma: Reading Moses, Man of the Mountain as a Nature Text”
  • Everett Reed, Northeast Alabama Community College, Respondent

Women in Leadership Track

Session I

“Gender Roles & Congregational Change: Making a Way for Women in Leadership in Churches of Christ.” - Ezell 138

Lynette Sharp Penya, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Doug Foster, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Lynette Sharp Penya, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Suzanne Macaluso, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Amanda Rigby, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Don McLaughlin, North Atlanta Church of Christ, Panelist
  • Naomi Walters, Stamford Church of Christ, Respondent

Session II

"Women and Leadership in a Christian Context: Insights from a Lean In Reading Group." - Ezell 263

Jaime D. Goff, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Jaime D. Goff, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Stephanie Hamm, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Jennifer Shewmaker, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Stephanie Eddleman, Harding University
  • Susan Blassingame, Lubbock Christian University


Session I

“Grace and Law in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables.” - Burton 214

Mikee Delony, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Jessica Christy, Union Theological Seminary, New York, “Beyond Christianity: Hugo, Heterodoxy, and the French Social Gospel”
  • Matt Roberts, Abilene Christian University, “Blurring the Distinction between Justice and Mercy: Reading Les Misérables with a Grace-Filled Hermeneutic”
  • Matthew J. Dodd, Abilene Christian University “Justice and Mercy as the Path to Peace in Les Misérables and for Christians Today”

"Major Book Review: The Slavery of Death, Richard Beck, (Wipf & Stock, 2014)." - Ezell 232

Richard Goode, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Jackie Halstead, Scarritt Bennett Center, Director of Education, Reviewer
  • Marcus Geromes,  Lipscomb University, Reviewer
  • Andrew Breeden, The Upper Room, Discipleship Resources Project Manager, Reviewer
  • Richard Beck, Abilene Christian University, Author

“Scientific Breakthroughs: A CSC Mini-Review Series.” - Ezell 363

Jay L. Brewster, Pepperdine University and Stephen Davis, Pepperdine University, Co-Conveners

  • Jay L. Brewster, Pepperdine University, “A Breakthrough in Genome Editing: The CRISPR System”
  • Joseph E. Deweese, Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, "Why Are We Still Studying the Genome: A Review of Recent Findings”
  • Michael Sadler, Abilene Christian University, “The Basics of Climate Change”
  • Jonathan D. Moore, The Dow Chemical Company, “Computational Materials Science and the Materials Genome Initiative”
  • Stephen Opoku-Duah, Ohio Valley University, Gordon Wells, Ohio Valley University & Dennis Johnson, EcH2O International, LLC, “PATHOGENA: Vapor-Ion Enhanced Water Purification System” 

Session II

"A Study in Leadership: Assessing Pope Francis and his Assessment, 'The Joy of the Gospel' (EvangeliiGaudium)." - Ezell, Swang Chapel

Richard Goode, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Megan Black, Vanderbilt Divinity School
  • Fr. Bruce Morrill, S.J., Edward A. Malloy Chair of Catholic Studies, Vanderbilt Divinity School
  • Charles Strobel, Room in the Inn, founding director

Session III

"Major Review: Christianity on Trial: A Lawyer Examines the Christian Faith, Mark Lanier (InterVarsity, 2014)." - Ezell 363

Harold Hazelip, Lipscomb University, President Emeritus, Convener

  • John deSteiguer, Oklahoma Christian University, Reviewer
  • Gail Hopkins, Ohio Valley University, Reviewer
  • Douglas Jacoby, Lincoln Christian University, Reviewer
  • Ronald Highfield, Pepperdine University, Reviewer
  • Mark Lanier, Respondent

Session IV

“Popular Culture and the Christian Scholar.”

Mikee Delony, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Megan Hartline, University of Louisville, “All I Hear is People Caring Loudly At Me: Examining the Ethos and Uptake of Leslie Knope”
  • Shanna Early, Emory University, “Here They Come to Save the Day: Superheroes in the Academy”
  • Bill Carroll, Abilene Christian University, “When Virtual Reality Becomes the Dominant Reality: Why Game Studies Matter”

“Religion and Epistemology.” - Ezell Andrews/3rd Floor

Kraig Martin, Baylor University, Convener

  • Chris Shrock, Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, “Thomas Reid, Doxastic Justification, and the Voluntarism Argument”
  • J. Caleb Clanton, Lipscomb University, “A Skeptical Theist Interpretation of the Book of Job”
  • Kraig Martin, Baylor University, “Just What is Pacifism, Anyway?”

Session V

“Born This Way?: Science, Theology and Public Policy on Human Sexuality.” - Ezell 136

James O. Browning, ?United States Federal Judge, District of New Mexico

  • Jeanine Thweatt-Bates, The College of New Jersey/Princeton Theological Seminary, Panelist
  • Steve Rouse, Pepperdine University, Panelist
  • Rob McFarland, Faulkner University, Jones School of Law, Panelist

“Christian Leadership in Policing our Medicines Through the Courts.” - Ezell 363

Mark Lanier, Lanier Law Firm, Convener.

  • Andy Birchfield, Beasley Allen Law Firm,Panelist
  • Neil Overholtz, Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis&Overholtz Law Firm, Panelist
  • Randy Lowry, Lipscomb University, Panelist

“Current Dissertation Projects in Theology: A Workshop.” - Ezell 109

Fred Aquino, Abilene Christian University, Convener & Faculty Respondent

  • Spencer Bogle, Southern Methodist University, “Transcendence, Development, and Being Other”
  • Brad East, Yale University, “Some Nonnegotiables in Theological Interpretation Done Well, or: On Keeping the Fight Alive with Biblical Scholarship”
  • David Mahfood, Southern Methodist University, “Midway Between Faith and Sight: The Task of Atonement Theology in Anselm of Canterbury”

Updated 6/3/2014