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Updated 11 May 2016

Tuesday, 7 June 2016, 6:30 pm Ward Hall on the Lipscomb Campus

Pre-Conference Screening: Spotlight 
The 2016 Christian Scholars Conference is pleased to present Spotlight -- winner of the the 2016 Academy Award for Best Picture -- on the eve of this year's gathering. Also taking honors for Best Original Screenplay, Spotlight tells the story of the Boston Globe's intense investigative reporting about the cover-up of clerical abuse in Boston. The film raises important questions about institutional power and truth telling -- even when the institution is the church itself. 
Spotlight screens Tuesday, June 7, at 6:30 pm in Lipscomb's Ward Hall. The screening is free and open to the public.


SESSION 1: Wednesday, 8 June 2016, 1:00 - 2:30pm

NOTE: The screening of The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution in Ezell Center 138 begins at 12:30 pm to accommodate the length of the film. It will conclude at 2:30 pm.


“Integrating Social Justice in Classroom and Business I” — Swang Center 230

Ray Eldridge, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Kenan Casey, Freed Hardeman University, “Integrating Social Justice into Computer Science Pedagogy “
  • Tim Wallace, Lipscomb University “Leveraging Data Science for Benevolence in the New Millennium”
  • Joseph Tipton, Lipscomb University, “Faith and Learning Integration in a Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics Course” 

“Leadership that Produces Ethical Business Practices” — Swang Center 232

Brad Reid, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Dennis Marquardt, Abilene Christian University, “Avoiding Failure or Proving Competence: Which Leader Orientation Motivates More Follower Unethical Behavior?”
  • Andy Borchers and Beki Baker, Lipscomb University, “Shakespeare and Leadership”
  • Brad Reid, Lipscomb University, “Religious Legal Issues Accompany a Culturally Diverse Workforce”
  • Clifford Anderson, Vanderbilt University, “A Christian Perspective on the Commercialization of Traditional Knowledge”


“Domestic Violence in the American Christian Church: Current Trends & Effective Resources” — Swang Center 242 

Tanya Asim Cooper, Pepperdine University School of Law, convener 

  • Tanya Asim Cooper, Pepperdine University School of Law, Panelist
  • Roslyn M. Satchel, Pepperdine University, Panelist
  • Laura Clark, Domestic Violence Survivor/Educator, Domestic Violence Awareness in the Church, Panelist
  • Teresa Fry Brown, Emory University Candler School of Theology; Associate Pastor of New Bethel AME Church, Lithonia, GA, Panelist
  • Charlie Clay Clark, Daystar Family Church; Domestic Violence Awareness in the Church, Respondent

"Gospel Bearers: Testifying in a Neo-Lynching Age" — Ezell Center 136

Richard Hughes, Lipscomb University, Convener 

  • Stanley Talbert, Union Theological Seminary, respondent 
  • Angela D. Sims, Saint Paul School of Theology, “Gospel Bearers: Testifying in a Neo-Lynching Age”
  • Catherine Meeks, Episcopal Church Atlanta Diocese, “Reclaiming Hope through Remembering”
  • Richard Hughes, Lipscomb University, “Reflections Inspired by James Cone’s The Cross and the Lynching Tree
  • Audience, respondents

“History and Theology of Race I” — Ezell Center 363

Robert Foster, University of Georgia, Convener

  • Doug Foster, Abilene Christian University, “How the White Church Created and Embedded Racism into the American Psyche”
  • Sandy Martin, University of Georgia, “Black Churches and Racial Identity:  The Formation and Perseverance of Black Peoplehood”
  • Philip Wingeier-Rayo, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, “Now that Hispanic/Latinos are the largest ethnic minority in the U.S., what can be learned from African Americans?”

“Justice: Meaning and Practice in the Churches of Christ” — Ezell Swang Chapel

Tanya Brice, Benedict College, Convener

  • J.P. Conway, Acklen Avenue Church of Christ and Lipscomb University, “‘Because the Bible Says So’: A Case Study of Black and White Congregations in Fellowship”
  • Steven Gaines, University of Memphis, “Anti-racist Rhetoric in Sermons by John Allen Chalk, 1968”

“Justice: Meaning and Practice in Little Rock” — Swang Center 102 

Jerry Taylor, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • John Kirk, University of Arkansas-Little Rock, “Housing—the Forgotten Civil Right: Reflections on the 50th anniversary of the failure of the 1966 Civil Rights Bill”
  • Mark Tucker, Abilene Christian University, “People of faith at racial barricades: Little Rock, AR 1957”

“On the Road to the Beloved Community” — Ezell 109

Don McLaughlin and Joshua Jackson, North Atlanta Church of Christ, Conveners

  • Jerry Mitchell, The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi, “Stories of Justice and Redemption in the New South”
  • William Lofton Turner, Distinguished Professor of Leadership, Policy and Community Service and Executive Counsel to the President, Lipscomb University, “Seeking Higher Ground: Bringing to Light Microaggressions that Impede Progress on the Road to the Beloved Community”
  • Respondents, Audience

"Screening: The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution— Ezell Center 138

NOTE: The screening of this film begins at 12:30 pm to accommodate the length of the film. It will conclude at 2:30 pm.

Ted Parks, Lipscomb University, Convener


“The God of Retribution: Reflections on the Qur’an’s Theology”  Swang Center 246

Trevor W. Thompson, University of Chicago, Convener

  • Gabriel Said Reynolds, University of Notre Dame


"Not with Wisdom of Words: Nonrational Persuasion in the New Testament" — Burton Health Sciences Center 200 

Richard Goode, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Gary Selby, Pepperdine, Panelist
  • Paul Casner, Donelson Presbyterian, Nashville, TN, Panelist
  • Gregory Hohnholt, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox, Nashville, TN, Panelist
  • Gene Manning, Christ Church Cathedral, Nashville, TN, Panelist?


“Justice in the Novels of Toni Morrison:  Reading Morrison in Light of the Black Lives Matter Movement” — Ezell Center 107

Susan Blassingame, Abilene Christian University, Convener 
  • Ronna Privett, Lubbock Christian University, “The [In]Justice of Sethe’s Punishment in Toni Morrison’s Beloved”
  • Steven T. Moore, Abilene Christian University, “The Death of Unarmed Black Men: The Prophetic Voice of Toni Morrison in The Bluest Eye"
  • Susan Blassingame, Lubbock Christian University, “Justice and the Seven Days: Racism and Retribution in Morrison’s Song of Solomon”
  • Norma J Burgess, Lipscomb University, Respondent


“'72143': Studying Community Poverty Through the Interdisciplinary Avenues of Food, Housing, and Education” — Swang Center 112

Andrew Baker, Harding University, Convener

  • Heath Carpenter, Harding University, Panelist
  • Jim Miller, Harding University, Panelist
  • Kathy Helpenstill, Harding University, Panelist
  • Terry Davis, Compassion 21, Montgomery Alabama, Panelist
  • Mike Williams, Faulkner University, Panelist

“The Bible, Justice and Law I” — Burton Health Sciences Center 117 

Kilnam Cha, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Mark Hamilton, Abilene Christian University, “Bribery and Influence-Peddling in Biblical and Other Ancient Near Eastern Texts”
  • Andrew Little, Abilene Christian University, “Recovering Justice in American Wilderness Laws: Biblical Critiques of the Attempt for Unpeopled Land”
  • Chip Garrett, Attorney at Law and Faulkner University, God’s Justices: Reflections on the Supreme Court’s Decision on Gay Marriage” 
  • William "Chip" Kooi, Oklahoma Christian University, Respondent

“Justice: Meaning and Practice in the Christian Classroom” — Swang Center 238

Phyllis Hildreth, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Greg Brooks, Abilene Christian University and Stephanie Hamm, Abilene Christian University, “Developing Cultural Competence among Christian College Students”
  • Gary David Stratton, Johnson University, “Gestures of Hospitality: The Power of Relationship, Trauma, and Intentionality in Activating Multiethnic Change Agents in Churches and Colleges”

"Let Justice Roll Down: Social Justice Pedagogy in the Christian University" — Burton Health Sciences Center 324 

Vic McCracken, Abilene Christian University, Convener 

  • Debbie Williams, Abilene Christian University, Participant
  • Pat Garner, Harding University, Participant
  • Thomas Kleinart, Vine Street Christian Church, Participant
  • Trey Shirley, Abilene Christian University, Participant
  • Steven Moore, Abilene Christian University, Participant

“Story-Based Social Justice” — Swang Center 110 

Rob Touchstone, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Kerry Patterson and Caleb Meeks, Lipscomb University, “Story-Based Learning in Humanitarian Engineering”
  • Russell Dabbs, Lubbock Christian University, “Solzhenitsyn and Social Justice”
  • Rob Touchstone, Lipscomb University, “The Z’ekahnomics of Business As Mission”


SESSION 2: Wednesday, 8 June, 2:45 - 4:15pm


“American Religious History, Religion and Politics: Pacifism and War” — Swang Center 110

Joshua Fleer, Oakland University, Convener

  • Corey J. Markum, Freed-Hardeman University, “‘Obedience to the Powers That Be’: Border States, Allegiance, and Ecclesiastical Nationalism in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South during the Civil War”
  • Andrew R. Polk, Middle Tennessee State University, “‘I’m Not a Non-Pacifist’: The Political Non-Theology of Preacher Will D. Campbell”
  • William “Chip” Kooi, Oklahoma Christian University, and Michael Hanegan, Oklahoma Christian University, "On the Wrong Side of History: James Bales, How Not to be Politically Involved as a Pacifist”?


“Business as Mission” — Swang Center 102

Josiah Pleasant, Harding University, Convener

  • Khanjan Mehta, Pennsylvania State University, panelist
  • Josiah Pleasant, Harding University, panelist
  • Rob Touchstone, Lipscomb University, panelist

“Integrating Social Justice in Classroom and Business II” — Swang Center 232

Lindsay Dillingham, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Christopher Davis, Harding University, “Interactional and Interpersonal Justice in the Virtual Classroom”
  • Lindsay Dillingham, Lipscomb University, “Uncovering the Positive Side of Business: Teaching Brand Concepts via Philanthropic Exploration”
  • Kerianne Roper, Oklahoma Christian University, “Moving Toward Higher Levels of Bloom’s Cognitive Process Dimensions: A Project-Based Classroom Approach”


"Love, Justice, and Power in Stanley Nelson's The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution— Ezell Center 138 

Ted Parks, Lipscomb University, and Andrea Blackman, Nashville Public Library, Convener

  • Bobby Green, Charleston Metro Church of Christ, Panelist
  • Richard Goode, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Aerial Ellis, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Tanya Brice, Benedict College, Panelist

“Remembering the Civil Rights Struggle in Nashville: Lipscomb Students Interview Black Christians” — Swang Center 112 

Richard Hughes, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Participants: Students from Richard Hughes’ “Restoration History” class, spring term, 2016
  • Respondents: Audience

“Theology and Ethics of Race II” — Ezell Center 363 

Eddie Carson, Brooks School, North Andover, MA, Convener

  • Robert L. Foster, University of Georgia, “The Earth is the LORD’s and the Fullness Thereof: The Flow of Racial Justice from Place to Place”
  • Elias Ortega-Aponte, Drew University, “Lynching Spectacles, Police State, and Resistance: A Christian Humanist Response”


“Christian Responses to Islamophobia” — Ezell Center 136 

Garry Bailey, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • John Barton, Pepperdine University, Panelist
  • Keith Huey, Rochester College, Panelist
  • Brooke Baker, Faith & Culture Center, Nashville, TN, Panelist
  • Josh Graves, Otter Creek Church of Christ, Panelist
  • Daoud Abudiab, President of the Faith and Culture Center, Nashville, TN, Panelist


“What Money Can’t Buy:  The Moral Limits of the Market: A Review and Discussion” — Burton Health Sciences Center 117 

James G. Shelton, Harding University, Convener 
  • Rolland Pack, Freed-Hardeman University, Emeritus, Education Panelist
  • Layne Keele, Jones School of Law, Faulkner University, Law Panelist
  • David Johnson, Faulkner University, Finance Panelist
  • Allen Frazier, Harding University, Business Panelist
  • Peter Rice, Harding University, Bible Panelist 


“Gendered Structures, Trauma Survivors, and Attitudes toward Gender Roles” — Ezell Center 109 

Kristina Davis, Abilene Christian University, Convener  

  • Sandra J. Valdes-Lopez, Boston University, Panelist
  • Cherisse Flanagan, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Lynette Sharp Penya, Abilene Christian University, Panelist 
  • Kholo Theledi, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Suzanne Macaluso, Abilene Christian University, Respondent


“Liberty and Justice (and Free Expression) for All: The Challenge and Promise of the First Amendment” — Swang Center 242

Cheryl Mann Bacon, Abilene Christian University, Convener and Moderator  

  • Kenneth Pybus, Abilene Christian University, Journalism and Mass Communication, Panelist
  • Brad Reid, Lipscomb University, Business and Corporate Governance and Integrity, Panelist
  • Andy Little, Abilene Christian University, Business Law Panelist
  • Bobby Ross, The Christian Chronicle, Correspondent Panelist


“Changing Attitudes about Spanking Using Alternative Biblical Interpretations” — Burton Health Sciences Center 324

Steve Rouse, Pepperdine University, Convener 

  • Robin Perrin, Pepperdine University
  • Cindy Miller-Perrin, Pepperdine University
  • Jeongbin Song, Pepperdine University
  • Ron Bruner, Executive Director, Westview Boys’ Home, Respondent
  • Shannon Rains, Abilene Christian University, Respondent
  • Denis Thomas, Respondent
  • Alan Cope, Asbury Theological Seminary, Panelist


“Old Testament Session I: The Politics of God and Humanity” — Swang Center 230 

Mark Hamilton, Abilene Christian University and Phillip Camp, Lipscomb University, Conveners

  • Chris Shrock, Oklahoma Christian University, “Is the Book of Judges Hobbesian?”
  • Nathan Bills, Duke University, “YHWH’s Justice in the Exodus from Egypt”
  • Adam Tune, Catholic University of America, “A ‘Messianic Secret’ in Samuel-Kings”
  • Tim Willis, Pepperdine University, “The Heart of a King: Solomon’s Prayer and God’s Response (1 Kings 3:5-15)” 


Book Panel Response: The Qur’an and its Biblical Subtext — Ezell Center 107

Trevor W. Thompson, University of Chicago, Convener

  • Gabriel Said Reynolds, University of Notre Dame, Respondent
    Book Panel Response: The Qur'an and its Biblical Subtext
  • Gabriel Said Reynolds, University of Notre Dame, Respondent
  • Issam Eido, Vanderbilt University, Respondent
  • Matthew Vaughan, Union Theology Seminary in the City of New York, Respondent
  • James Walters, Rochester College, Respondent


“Justice in World Literature: International Contexts, Contrasts, and Conflicts” — Swang Center 238 

Darryl Tippens, Abilene Christian University: Convener

  • Jeanine B. Varner, Abilene Christian University: “The Language of Justice in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart”
  • Steve Weathers, Abilene Christian University: “J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace: Jurisprudential Gulfs and Continental Drift”
  • Beatriz Alem-Walker, Abilene Christian University: “Theater as the Voice of Justice: Benedetti's Paradigm in Pedro y el Capitán”
  • Carole Carroll, Lubbock Christian University, Respondent

“Navigating the Task of Theology in Conversation with the Work of Sarah Coakley” — Swang Center 108

Rhonda Lowry, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Frederick Aquino, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Kathy Pulley, Missouri State University, Panelist
  • Landon Saunders, Heartbeat Ministries and Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Greg Sterling, Yale Divinity School, Panelist


“Meeting Needs in Community Health Care through Service, Mission, and Volunteerism” — Swang Center 244 

Jonathan Thorndike, Belmont University Honors Program, Convener and Organizer

  • Gracia Amaya, Lipscomb University
  • Jessica Brennan, Lipscomb University
  • Jan Bian and Jackson Higginbottom, Oklahoma Christian University
  • Rebecca Hall, Belmont University
  • Julia Sherwood, Belmont University
  • Emily Tomsovic, Belmont University

“Rethinking the Roots of Environmental Ethics: A Biblical Perspective” — Burton Health Sciences Center 200 

Dave Bland, Harding School of Theology, Convener
  • Dave Bland, Harding School of Theology, “Creation, Character, and Wisdom”
  • Nathan Myers, Harding School of Theology, “Pentateuchal Law and the Question of Animal Ethics”
  • Bobby Valentine, Palo Verde Church of Christ, Tucson, Arizona, “Earth, Animals, People, Do not Fear: The Hope of Israel in Joel’s Liturgy”
  • Christopher Doran, Pepperdine University, “Hope in an Age of Climate Change: Creation Care this Side of the Resurrection”


SESSION 3: Thursday, 9 June, 9:00 - 10:30am

The J. J. M. Roberts Lecture in Old Testament Studies — Ezell Swang Chapel

Rick Marrs, Pepperdine University, and Mark Hamilton, Abilene Christian University, Conveners
  • F. W. Dobbs-Allsopp, Princeton Theological Seminary: "Isaiah's Love Song: A Reading of Isa 5:1-7."


"New Directions in American Religious Studies: A Round Table Discussion” — Ezell Center 109 

Joshua Fleer, Oakland University, Convener

  • David Edwin Harrell, Auburn University, Emeritus, Participant
  • Kathy Pulley, Missouri State University, Participant
  • Richard Hughes, Lipscomb University, Participant
  • Todd Brenneman, Faulkner University, and others


Business, Engineering, and Computer Science Key Note: —“Building Educational and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for Sustainable Development” — Swang Center 110

Kerry Patterson, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Khanjan Mehta, Pennsylvania State University, "Building Educational and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for Sustainable Development”
  • Gary Gardner, Mission Upreach, Panelist
  • Rob Touchstone, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Rich Wells, Harding University, Panelist
  • Kristopher Hatchell, Barge Waggoner, Panelist


Doctoral Students I: “Theological Anthropology and Identity Construction” — Swang Center 242 

Jennifer Thweatt, Theologian-at-Large, Convener and Respondent 

  • Travis Weber, Texas Christian University, “A Pastoral Theological Engagement of Imago Dei, Identity, and Agency: The Dis/Empowerment of Victim-Survivor Identities”
  • Andrew Krinks, Vanderbilt University, “Theological Anthropology and the Construction of Criminality”
  • Lauren Smelser White, Vanderbilt University, “Asceticism or Enslavement?: Christological Re-Constructions of the Person in the Bodily Process of Salvation”


“The Christian College and the Meaning of Academic Freedom: Truth-Seeking in Community” Swang Center 108

Brad Reid, Lipscomb University, and formerly of Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • William Ringenberg, author, Taylor University, Discussant and Panelist
  • Andy Borchers, Lipscomb University, formerly of Kettering University, Panelist
  • Sarah Gibson, Lipscomb University, formerly of George Fox University, Panelist 


“Paths to Gender-Inclusion in Leadership: Rhetorical and Qualitative Analyses of Congregational Change in the Church of Christ” — Swang Center 238 

Lynette Sharp Penya, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Gary S. Selby, Pepperdine University, “All These Women Really Want . . .”: Exploring Rhetorical Frames in Conversations Over Gender Roles in Churches of Christ
  • Jennifer Hale Christy, Westside Church of Christ, Beaverton, OR, “Gender Inclusion in Churches of Christ: Congregations Who Have Paved the Way”
  • Kristina Campos Davis, Abilene Christian University, “Finding their Voice: Women and the problem of the stained glass ceiling in the Churches of Christ”
  • Jeanene Reese, Abilene Christian University, Respondent


"Innovative Teaching Practices in Mathematics" - Swang Center 102

Brian Fisher, Lubbock Christian University, convener

  • Deborah Duke, Harding University, "A Classroom Drama"
  • Paul Howard, Oklahoma Christian University, "Bringing Philosophical Issues to the Classroom"
  • Zackery Reed, Oregon State University, "Encouraging Student Ownership of Mathematics"


“The Contours of Mission in North America” Swang Center 230

Greg McKinzie, Fuller Theological Seminary, Convener

  • Kent Smith, Abilene Christian University, “Ecosystems of Grace: An Old Vision for the New Church”
  • Fred Liggin, 3e Restoration, Inc. and Williamsburg Christian Church, “Hospitality as Witness and Power: the Role of Hospitality in Congregational Engagement and Embrace in a Culture of Displacement”
  • Gailyn Van Rheenen, Mission Alive, “Is Missional a Fad?”
  • J. R. Rozko, Missio Alliance, Respondent

“The Legacy of Mission Journal: Reflections for a Missional Future” — Swang Center 112 

Ben Langford, Oklahoma Christian University, Convener

  • Bob Turner, Harding School of Theology, Interviewer
  • Ben Langford, Oklahoma Christian University, Panelist
  • David Lemley, Pepperdine University, Panelist
  • Brad McKinnon, Heritage Christian University, Panelist
  • Don Haymes, Respondent


"Memoirs and Vision for the Church" - Ezell Center 207

Gayle Crowe, World Christian Broadcasting, Convener

  • Jack Scott, California State Senator, Chancellor, California Community
  • Alfred Jumper, Anesthesiologist, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
  • Paul Watson, Minister and Elder Emeritus, Cole Mill Church of Christ, Durham, North Carolina, Panelist
  • Jason Fikes, Director, ACU Press, Respondent


“Scripture, the Cross, and the Son: Contested Religious Traditions in the Middle East” — Swang Center 246 

Jeff Childers, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • James Walters, Rochester College, “Whose Scripture? Aphrahat’s Hermeneutic of Reversal in the Hebrew Bible” 
  • Mark Weedman, Johnson University, “Revisiting Ephrem’s Trinitarian Theology” 
  • Kelli Gibson, Abilene Christian University, “Feasts and Forensics: John of Dara’s Defense of the Veneration of the Cross”


“Until it Hurts: Muscular Christianity, Sculpted Identity, and Concussion - A Conversation Begins” — Ezell Center 107  

Steven Bonner, Lubbock Christian University, Convener

  • Joshua Fleer, Oakland University, “Stubby and Strenuous Christians: Football and Male Aggressiveness in Progressive Era Muscular Christianity”
  • Monica Williams, Lubbock Christian University, “Role of Sport in Sculpting Identity: an Interactionist Theory and Personal Narrative”
  • Jeff Paxton, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, “Examination of Ethics in Sports Medicine through the Lens of the Movie Concussion
  • Mark Wiebe, Lubbock Christian University, Respondent


"Free Burma Rangers: A Battle for Displaced People" — Ezell Center 136

Jonathan Thorndike, Belmont University Honors Program, Moderator

  • Don Cusic, Belmont University, "Free Burma Rangers: A Battle for Displaced People"
  • Audience, respondents

"The Bible, Justice, and Law II" — Ezell Center 205 

Andy Little, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Kelsey Herndon, Oklahoma Christian, Oklahoma Christian University, “The Reorientation of Christian Hospitality through the Sermons of John Chrysostom"
  • William "Chip" Kooi, Oklahoma Christian University, “A Christology of Peace: Messiah, Kingdom and Eschatology”
  • Katie Wick, McMurry University, “Fostering, Loss Aversion, and Kingdom Gains”
  • Kilnam Cha, Abilene Christian University, Respondent


SESSION 4: Thursday, 9 June, 2:00 - 3:30pm

The Third Annual Everett Ferguson Lecture in Early Christian Studies — Ezell Swang Chapel

Jeff Childers, Abilene Christian University, Tera Harmon, Abilene Christian University, Ron Heine, Northwest Christian University, Trevor W. Thompson, University of Chicago, Conveners

  • Sidney Griffith, Professor of Syriac Patristics and Christian Arabic, Catholic University of America, "Christians at Home in the 'World of Islam': The Legacy of Christian Theology in Arabic."


“City of God Expatriates in the City of Man” Ezell Center 107

John Harris, Samford University, Emeritus, Convener

  • Ben Baker, CareHere LLC, Brentwood, TN
  • Mark Cullum, Abilene Christian University
  • John Harris, Samford University, Emeritus
  • Randy Harris, Abilene Christian University, Respondent

“Major Book Review: D’Esta Love, ed., Finding Their Voices: Sermons by Women in the Churches of Christ (Abilene Christian University Press, 2015)” — Ezell Center 109 

Kathy Pulley, Missouri State University, Convener

  • D’Esta Love, Pepperdine University, Presenter
  • Richard Hughes, Lipscomb University, Reviewer
  • Kathy Pulley, Missouri State University, Reviewer
  • Gary Selby, Pepperdine University, Reviewer
  • John York, Lipscomb University, Respondent


“Assessing Ethical and Unethical Business Practices” — Ezell Center 136

John Crawford, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Orneita Burton and Alfa Nyandoro, Abilene Christian University, “A Design Thinking Approach to Assessing Economic and Social Justice in America"
  • John Crawford, Lipscomb University, “Enabling the Unethical Business”
  • David Johnson, Faulkner University, “In Praise of Price Gougers?”

“Business as Mission: Theory and Practice” — Swang Center 112 

George Goldman, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Thomas Cairns, Azusa Pacific University, Bethany Johnson, Point Loma Nazarene University, Jeffrey Purganan, Point Loma Nazarene University, Nicole Morales, Point Loma Nazarene University, “A Business Model for Solving Social Issues and Matters of Faith”
  • George Goldman and Andy Borchers, Lipscomb University, “Where in the Kingdom is Business As Mission?”
  • David Bosch, Boyce: The College at Southern, “Findings from a Business as Mission Field Study”

“Humanitarian Service in Field Projects” — Swang Center 232 

Rich Wells, Harding University, Convener

  • Justin A. Myrick, Sr.Kerry PattersonA. Fort GwinnChris Gwaltney, and Caleb Meeks, Lipscomb University, Carter BeardenRyan Gadsey, and Daniel Jordan, HDR-ICA, Ethan JohnsonLuke Burris, and Kris Hatchell, Barge Waggoner, Summer and Cannon, “The Anatomy of a Bridge: An Engineering Service Project in the Developing World”
  • Gary Gardner, Mission UpReach, “Mission Upreach”
  • Rusty Towell, Abilene Christian University, "Advancing Molten Salt Reactor Technology to meet the Needs of the World"


Doctoral Students II: “Engagements with Medieval Theology: Justice in the Scholastic Tradition” — Ezell Center 205 

Fred Aquino, Abilene Christian University, Convener and Faculty Respondent

  • William L. Glass, Southern Methodist University, “The Nature of the Case: Thomist Anthropology and the Need for Casuistry in Moral Theology”
  • Daniel W. Houck, Southern Methodist University, “Death without Grace: Aquinas’s Developing View of Original Justice and the Inconvenientia of Pure Nature”
  • David Mahfood, Southern Methodist University, “Satisfaction for the Oppressed: Atonement, Justice, and Reparations”


"Interaction with Sandel’s Plenary: Jesus and Justice" — Swang Center 242 

Micki Pulleyking, Missouri State University, Moderator

  • Richard Goode, Lipscomb University, Respondent
  • Peter Browning, Drury University, Respondent
  • Darryl Tippins, Abilene Christian University, Respondent
  • Micki Pulleyking, Missouri State University, Respondent
  • Michael Sandel, Harvard University, Respondent


“Presidents’ Panel: The Future of Christian Higher Education” — Swang Center 102 
Tim Perrin, president, Lubbock Christian University, Convener

  • Gerald Turner, president, SMU, Presenter 
  • John deSteiguer, president, Oklahoma Christian University, Panelist
  • Randy Lowry, president, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Phil Schubert, president, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Michael Williams, president, Faulkner University, Panelist

"Stories That Need to Be Told: Engaging Students in Storytelling" — Swang Center 238 

Sarah Gibson, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Bob Turner, Harding University, Panelist
  • Hannah Wood, Harding University, Panelist
  • Elizabeth Rivera, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Sarah Gibson, Lipscomb University, Panelist


“Same Book, but Different Bookmarks: Religious Fundamentalism, Personality, and Bible Verses” — Ezell Center 138

Dave Lemley, Pepperdine University, convener  

  • Steve Rouse, Pepperdine University, “Same Book, but Different Bookmarks: Religious Fundamentalism, Personality, and Bible Verses”
  • Todd Brennemann, Faulkner University, American Religious History, Respondent
  • Tom Robinson, Manhattan Church of Christ, NY, Ministry, Respondent
  • Daniel Morrison, Vanderbilt University, Respondent


“Paradigms for the Study of Paul”  Ezell Center 207

Jim Bury, Harding University, Convener

  • Wendell Willis, Abilene Christian University, “Paul versus the Roman Empire”
  • Jerry Sumney, Lexington Theological Seminary, “Paul and Other Christianities”
  • Carl Holladay, Emory University, Respondent


“Old Testament Session II: Psalms, Songs, and Theology” - Swang Center 230

Mark Hamilton, Abilene Christian University and Phillip Camp, Lipscomb University, Conveners

  • David A. Skelton, Florida State University, “Teaching through Song: Hymnody and Pedagogy in the Second Temple Period”
  • Andy Walker, Amridge University, “Theological Crisis in the Book of Psalms”
  • Kipp Swinney, Abilene Christian University, “Job on Moses: References to Deuteronomy in the Speeches of Job” 
  • Trevor Williams, Pepperdine University, “Satan the Interpretive Scapegoat”  


SESSION 5: 10 June, 9:00-10:30am


“Religious Culture and American Politics” — Swang Center 242 

Scott Billingsley, University of North Carolina, Pembrooke, Convener

  • John D. Wilsey, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, “‘Come Roam with Me Columbia’s Forests Through’: American Exceptionalism and the Environment”
  • Daniel K. Williams, University of West Georgia, “Theological Divisions in the Pro-Life Movement: The Differences between Catholic and Evangelical Approaches to Abortion in the 1970s"
  • K. Scott Culpepper, Dordt College, “Beat the System: The Role of Contemporary Christian Music in Grooming Christian Youth for Cultural Conflict in the 1980s and 90s”
  • David Edwin Harrell, Auburn University, Daniel F. Breeden Eminent Scholar in the Humanities Emeritus, Respondent


"Doctor of Ministry Research Presentations: Reflective Praxis for Congregations." — Swang Center 102 

John York, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Daniel McGraw, Abilene Christian University, “Formulating an Intentional Curriculum for Spiritual Leadership Development at the West University Church of Christ”
  • Devin Swindle, Harding School of Theology, “The Kerusso Experience: A Resource for Calling Teenaged Students to the Ministry of Preaching.”
  • Patricia H. Brock, Lipscomb University, “The Long-term Effects of Racism on Reconciliation”  
  • Ron Bruner, Executive Director of Westview Boys Home, Respondent


“Athens and Jerusalem: A Dialogue on the Intersections of the Academy and the Ecclesia” — Swang Center 244 

Brandon Pierce, College St. Church of Christ, Junction, TX and Paul Watson, Cole Mill Road Church of Christ, Durham, NC, Conveners

  • Samjung Kang-Hamilton, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Stanley Tyrone Talbert, Union Theological Seminary, Panelist
  • Tom Robinson, Manhattan Church of Christ, New York, NY, Panelist
  • Carson Reed, Abilene Christian University, Panelist

"A Pedagogy of Pilgrimage: Journeying Toward God, the Self, and Others on the Camino de Santiago" — Ezell Center 138

Ted Parks, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Norma Burgess, Lipscomb University, respondent
  • Jackie Halstead, Selah: Center for Spiritual Formation, respondent
  • Kim Reed, Lipscomb University, respondent
  • Mark Beckman, St. Henry Catholic Church, Nashville, respondent


“Who is My Sister?” — Ezell Center 109 

Suzanne Macaluso, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Ken Cukrowski, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Jennifer Shewmaker, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Margaret J. Weber, Pepperdine University, Panelist


“Making the Missional Turn among Churches of Christ in North America” — Swang Center 232 

Mark Love, Rochester College, Convener

  • Kelly Carter, Alberta Bible College, “Trinity and Missionality for Churches of Christ”
  • Mark Love, Rochester College, “Practices as Participation in the Life of God”
  • Greg McKinzie, Fuller Theological Seminary, “Doing Justice to the Text: A Missional Hermeneutic of Embodied Participation”
  • Phil Kenneson, Milligan College, Respondent


“The Resources Preachers Use: Survey Results of Church of Christ Preachers” — Ezell Center 136

Dave Bland, Harding School of Theology, Convener

  • Dave Bland, Harding School of Theology
  • Bob Turner, Harding School of Theology
  • Steven Hovater, Cedar Lane Church of Christ, Tullahoma, TN, Respondent 
  • Steve Rouse, Pepperdine University, Respondent
  • Kevin Owen, College Hills Church of Christ, Lebanon, TN


"Illuminating Job: A Review Session of the Commentary on Job by Choon-Leong Seow" Swang Center 238

Mark Hamilton, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Choon-Leong Seow, Vanderbilt University, Respondent
  • J. J. M. Roberts, Princeton Theological Seminary (Emeritus), Panelist
  • James Crenshaw, Duke University, Panelist
  • Mark Hamilton, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • Jennifer Green, Refugee Family Literary Program, Friends of Refugees, Clarkston, GA, Panelist


“Christology, Virtue, and Rhetoric in the 4th and 5th Centuries” — Ezell Center 107

Tera Harmon, Abilene Christian University, Convener 

  • Wade Casey, Abilene Christian University, “Love as Self-Sacrifice: A Study of Augustine’s Sermons on 1 John”
  • Mark Wiebe, Lubbock Christian University, “Stained With Blood So Divine: Reflections on the Incarnation, Atonement, and the Communicatio Idiomatum”
  • Nathan Howard, University of Tennessee at Martin, “Textual Encounters in Cappadocian Epistolography"


“Major Book Review: Dyron B. Daughrity, To Whom Does Christianity Belong?: Critical Issues in World Christianity” — Swang Center 230 

Yukikazu Obata, Fuller Theological Seminary, Convener

  • Yukikazu Obata, Fuller Theological Seminary, Reviewer
  • Gary Holloway, World Convention, Reviewer
  • Jeremy Hegi, Boston University, Reviewer
  • Dyron DaughrityPepperdine University, Respondent



"Uncovering the Inner Lives of Electrons" Swang Center 112

George D. Parks, FuelScience LLC, Convener

  • Paul W. Ayers, McMaster University, "Uncovering the Inner Lives of Electrons"
  • George D. Parks, Lipscomb University, Respondent
  • Austin Privett, Lipscomb University, Respondent




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