Lipscomb University

Christian Scholars' Conference

             Theme for 2018 CSC:


The Challenge of Emergent Truth

June 6-8, 2018

Comments on the theme:

The challenge comes at the junctures in the development of knowledge when a new truth is discovered and championed--a truth that, in all likelihood, is vigorously opposed by the current keepers of knowledge. 

A theme of this breadth will encourage participants from every field of knowledge--those working in visual arts, in biblical studies, in literary studies, in physical and social sciences, in political theory and the professional schools to explore the discovery of truths in their respective fields, whether their own discoveries or those of other practitioners. Such a theme covers essentially every area of human research and creativity.

This has happened in all fields, of course, from astronomy to theoretical physics, from biblical studies to anthropology. It's noticeable, for example,  in literary studies, when new readings of old texts have been vehemently opposed by guardians of the status quo, who, in time, nonetheless, find themselves ultimately persuaded of the validity of the innovative reading. 

These critical junctions are some of the most fascinating in the histories of science, hermeneutics, aesthetics, and the list goes on.