Undergraduate Programs

Biology at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences


Investigate the workings of the natural world, building a deeper understanding of life sciences and a deeper appreciation for the processes of life—and prepare for a career in biology or teaching, or further study in a graduate or professional school.

Programs: Biology, Molecular Biology, Biology Teaching

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Chemistry at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences

Chemistry and Biochemistry

The sandwich you ate, the plastic bag you carried it in, your body’s ability to break down that turkey and Swiss—chemistry is behind it all. Our students consider the makeup of our everyday reality and l earn how we can all live better through chemistry.

Programs: Biochemistry, Biochemistry-Applied, Chemistry-Applied, Chemistry-Professional, Chemistry Teaching

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Communication at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences

Communication and Journalism

Our new and evolving world of communication requires a degree program to prepare for careers which will take on new meaning and direction. We have the experiential learning, award-winning programs, state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty to help you take control and shape your future in communication.

Programs: Journalism and New Media, Leadership Communication, Public Relations

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English at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences


We teach undergraduates to read, think and write well, while looking deeper to construct complex documents and critically study diverse texts.  As a result, our students graduate with excellent analytical and communications skills—highly sought in a wide range of professions.

Programs: English Literature, English Writing, English Teaching

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Family Science at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences

Family Science

We prepare students for a range of professions that are all about better living—understanding family dynamics—with an overall focus on enhancing the lives of the individuals and families they serve.

Programs: Family and Consumer Science, Family Science

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History at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences


To know where you are heading in life, you have to know where you’ve been. A study of history gives context to everything we experience in life and helps us understand how culture, religion, business, politics, the economy and other factors shape the world around us.

Programs: American Studies, American History, European History, Global History, History, History Teaching

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Mathematics at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences


You already know the basics—now dig deeper to increase your literacy and competency for a career in the mathematical sciences, in teaching, for pre-professional training or for a technology profession that may not even exist today.

Programs: Mathematics, Mathematics-Applied, Mathematics Teaching

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Modern Languages at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences

Modern Languages

We help students communicate in other languages, know the literature, history and culture of English and other languages, and develop intellectual tools and an awareness of diversity they can use to continue learning about the world and their responsibilities in it.

Programs: French, French Teaching, German, German Teaching, Spanish, Spanish Teaching

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Like the greatest thinkers throughout history, our students evaluate fundamental assumptions that shape the way we think about ourselves and the world around us, by emphasizing logical reasoning, problem-solving and clear writing—excellent preparation for a variety of professions.

Programs: Philosophy

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Physics at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences


Science and technology touches almost everyone in every part of the world. Study the laws of physics with a high regard for creation’s God-given wonder and complexity, which will launch you into engineering, biomedical physics, teaching and a range of other professions.

Programs: Biomedical Physics, Physics, Physics Teaching

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Political Science at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences

Political Science

Study governmental processes and institutions, political parties and the interconnections between politics and society; gain an appreciation of the philosophical and practical inner-working of government; think critically and better understand how leaders make decisions.

Programs: Political Science, International Affairs, Restorative Criminal Justice, Urban Studies, Government and Public Administration

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Psychology at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences


Understand yourself and others better in an appreciation of the origin, nature and process of individual differences from the psychological viewpoint, while preparing for entry in the job market, advanced graduate studies in psychology and greater service to your community.

Programs: Psychology

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Social Work at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences

Social Work and Sociology

From life’s beginning to its end, social workers touch the world. We prepare students to touch the world for God as competent, compassionate generalist social workers through interpersonal sensitivity, sacrificial service, academic excellence, professional passion and personal integrity.

Programs: Social Work

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Sustainability at Lipscomb University College of Arts and Sciences


Offered by the Institute for Sustainable Practice. Part of being a good Christian is being a good shepherd of God’s creation. Caring for our environment—developing practices to protect natural resources—is our responsibility to those who will inherit it. We embrace the charge and educate those who will lead it.

Programs: Conservation Ecology and Natural Resource Management, Agro-Ecology, Environmental Law and Policy, Sustainable Practice

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