Consider great academics combined with great purpose.

A few words from the provost.

If you’re taking a close look at Lipscomb University, I want to make sure you look even closer. Here’s what I mean. I am the university “provost,” a term used in higher education that has its roots in the church – a provost was the senior dignitary of the cathedral.

While most of our institutions of higher education in the United States long ago moved away from the spiritual context of that word, at Lipscomb, we haven’t.  We know that you can certainly find a great biology course or a great English literature class or a great (fill in the blank) course at just about every university in this country, but we offer our students an important difference. That is, quite simply, at this university, faith and purpose and character are integrated into everything we teach, not just the required Bible classes.

Yes, we have great academics that will prepare you with excellence for your next steps in life. On academics alone, we compete with the best. Here, you will be drawn into a learning environment that addresses the heart and the mind in your professional preparation -- because we believe that anyone who is passionate and successful about their life’s work brings their heart and mind to it! But more than that, life is not about neat little separated boxes: your work, your family, your community, your academic achievement, your spiritual context. A great life, a successful life, is one in which an individual is the whole person that God made them to be.

If that kind of 360 growth appeals to you, I look forward to seeing you at Lipscomb!

Dr. W. Craig Bledsoe